Monday, September 27, 2010

Spesifikasi Dan Harga Nokia N8 (Specifications And Price Nokia N8)

Data : GPRS/EDGE class B, HSDPA Cat9, HSUPA Cat5
Operating System : Symbian^3
Network : GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
Screen : 3.5" 16.7 million colours capacitive touch screen
VGA 15fps, Real video 10 QVGA 30fps
Release Date : 2010, 3Q
Memory : 16 GB + MicroSD slot
Dimension : 113.5 x 59 x 12.9 mm Camera : 12 megapixel, Xenon flash, Face recognition, Autofocus
Multimedia : MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1, Sorenson Spark
Other Features : Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, 3.5 mm audio jack, Stereo FM radio, FM transmitter, A-GPS, GPS, HDMI, Digital compass
Official Site :
Connectivity : USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, WLAN IEEE802.11 b/g/n

New Price: USD 4.9 million, -

Divination Paul Octopus About Indonesia 2014 Election Results

He ni paul prophecy of octopus on the results of elections in 2014. Where is the prophecy The Octopus Paul chose yellow party that will win the next General Election will ditahun 2014. But it was still forecast estimates an octopus who is always telling predict every game of football. And here is the picture is the choice of octopus PAUL:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rates Booking Hudson (INDONESIA SEEKING TALENT) Once Shown

Hudson as a finalist in 4 major INDONESIA SEEKING TALENT (IBM) is now really popular in Indonesia. Even yesterday when he was eliminated in Indonesia looking for talent, Hudson was already much-bokingan inundated with television stations and also the people who want memboking Hudson for parties or weddings.

One proof of this, at this november Hudson has been booked on a wedding party with a pop fare 30jt rupiah.Wooww ... really rich potential of this new Hudson, coupled with a bid of some television stations broadcast programs which will be contracted new event TRAN TV at a rate contract for 100jt ONLY for the first time only .. Imagine just for the first time just what the next contract 100jt once forth of what to try???. wah can-can ngalahin Arwana neh.hehehhe Tukul tariff. Congratulations for the successful Hudson always .....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Andi Soraya

Andi Soraya is a star model, ads and soap opera acting star was born in Jakarta, June 18, 1976. Started his career as a star of world models, before then penetrated in the advertising world and the role of art.

As a model, she has starred in advertising products Prenagen, B-29, Vegeta, Bank Mandiri and Hit. Andi is known as a lover of pesinetron Steve Emmanuel. Both are living the life 'cohabiting' and live in the same house. Relationship without the marriage bond is produced a son, Darren.

Foto Artis Andi Soraya

Intan Bella, Popular Magazine Model

Intan Bella is a model, who recently posed sexy in popular magazines. Intan Bella born in Jakarta 23 February 1985 have high 165 cm weight 48 kg ever staring sinetron in Jalan Jaksa and FTV : Akibat Pergaulan Bebas Kejamnya Ibu Tiri. The following are pictures of Intan Bella, which I quoted from popular magazines.

The atmosphere model casting for an international competition held at the National School of Beauty in Minsk, Belarus. Pretty girls and sexy who dreamed of becoming a model trying to show themselves in the best performance. Imagine wrote was in a room full of sexy models wearing bikinis who are following the casting.

Foto Artis, Popular Magazine, Intan Bella, hot model, model,

Foto Artis, Popular Magazine, Intan Bella, hot model, model,

Foto Artis, Popular Magazine, Intan Bella, hot model, model,

Foto Artis, Popular Magazine, Intan Bella, hot model, model,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Curious, Pay Rates Tukul Arwana Once Shown Not Four Eyes in th 2010

Tukul Arwana, courtesies are not familiar with this figure as a presenter hammer Arowana NOT FOUR EYES Eye broadcast television stations Trans 7. This hogi face brings good fortune indeed a very, very menajubkan, with whiskers like African catfish and koi fish's mouth so could make millionaires hammer. At age 43, whose real name Tukul Arwana Tukul Riyanto enjoys an exceptional heyday.

Pay per show Not Four Eyes, Tukul Arwana in 2007 alone was reached at 30 million per episode, or during activities off the water. Here the word Tukul time in 2007, "Bilangin same person, if not USD 30 million do not bother," said the assistant Tukul named Teguh. And now the year 2010, surely many of us wonder "How much for a pop releases of 2010 Not Four Eyes ya?"

PLEASE if you are stunned, dumbfounded payment rates Tukul Arwana once appeared in 2010 it was 50 million once the appearance. WOOOOOWWWW ... ... was really really horrible hammer earnings a week so about 350 million men !!!!! so Tukul Arwana recently build a house for 5 Miliard.

Well, from there we can see that humans are bad-bad kind of anything, God has a wonderful plan and not kurang2 if He would open the way to bless us. Bottom line: EVERY MAN PERFECT IN EYE CREATED TUHAN.camkan that, whatever the conditions you face, there must be a plan God created us!!

Uli Auliani

Uli Auliani actress looks sexy in red dress. He attended a press screening of her latest film 'Pengantin Pantai Biru' in PPHUI, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Lately, more and more artists who dare to look sexy by wearing a bikini in the film. Uli Auliani even perceive it as something natural.

Look Uli Auliani

Uli Auliani,  Foto Artis,  Hot movie,  new movie, Sexy Dress,
Uli Auliani,  Foto Artis,  Hot movie,  new movie, Sexy Dress,
Uli Auliani,  Foto Artis,  Hot movie,  new movie, Sexy Dress,

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blackberry Storm 3 Rilis Oktober Tahun Ini Dan Storm 4 Direncanakan Rilis 2011

This has been waiting for the hunters blackberries today, namely the emergence and also the Blackberry Storm 3 Storm 4. After the successful release of Storm 2, beginning in 2010, America's leading smartphone manufacturers will follow up with the release of Storm 3 this year, exactly in October and are also planned in mid-2011 Storm 4 will be released as well.

Here are photos from your BlackBerry Storm 3 aka Slider which began to bloom circulating on the internet virtual world:

Spesifikasi Blackberry Storm 3:
•Hampir sama dengan Storm 2, yang membedakan BlackBerry Storm 3 ini dilengkapi dengan Keypad Slider (keyboard QWERTY yang bisa digeser dari bagian belakang)
•Memiliki trackpad untuk navigasi tambahan
•Menggunakan layar sentuh (touchscreen)
•Untuk masalah ketajaman warna jelas masih unggul Storm 3
•Menggunakan BlackBerry OS versi 6.0
•Piranti lunaknya akan mencakup browsing dengan tab
•Custom skin pada BlackBerry Messenger hingga adanya widget.
•Perangkat multimedia dan game dengan RIM dilaporkan bekerja dengan EA untuk membawa beberapa judul game ke telepon tablet touchscreen.
•Verizon Wireless "CDMA / EV-DO arsitektur sementara yang digunakan di dalam negeri dan dapat menggunakan GSM / HSPA untuk perjalanan ke luar negeri.
•Teknologi touchscreen menggunakan teknologi SurePress untuk perangkat.
Pengertian dari SurePress adalah teknologi polarisasi untuk pengguna yang merupakan metode yang berbeda interaksi sentuh, yang membutuhkan layar tekan aktual - seperti klik touchpad - untuk menentukan pilihan.

Sekarang kita bahas sekilas tentang Storm 4

Storm 4 ini akan difokuskan pada realitas diperluas, yang akan menggunakan kamera 5 megapiksel, accelerometer, kompas digital, dan GPS. Dan juga dilengkapi dengan WebKit dengan sistem operasi baru 6 BlackBerry untuk meningkatkan browsing.
Berikut adalah foto dari Storm 4:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dunia Malam di Malioboro Jakarta Benar2 Surganya Lelaki

It's only really one world for the boys paradise. Ko crazy when I was in malioboro club in Jakarta this really makes us not addicted deh resilience. Maliboro club This is often referred to by name“malio club”, there on the ground floor there spa hot and cold baths and more fun when we shower, we were treated with penari-penari hot the baths are dancing on the stage. And when the music stops the dancers hot chicks are then dropped into pamandian and dancing in front of us and dancing with our bodies into pillars. What fun ngak asyo n thu?On the 2nd floor is where massage and restaurant. Where in that place we can listen to good music and music ajeb2 jazz music, and more disitupun he cried again we were treated with hot dancers too and we also sampat menari2 as its pillar and enjot2an above us, huh ... really surge dunia benerrrrr…… ,kalau tempat pijatnya kita juga dipijat oleh cewek2 cantik dan hot n lebih enaknya bisa PLUS2 lhooooo….hehheheLevel 3 is filled with the rooms for us to hire thu cewek2 to accompany us in privacy. And the fourth floor there are discotheques or places ajeb2.NAH .... this is it is a paradise for boys. Ajeb2 there beside us n enjoy a drink, we diseguhi with beautiful cewek2menari with chest open n everything there is a chest nga terepes not berbentuk.pokoknya semok2 all deh brooo ... there also we can hire to accompany us clubbing with dada open. And as a peak at 12 o'clock tonight we can enjoy the innocence of a woman with eyes terngangah2. Tau khan kalo plain meaning woman?? hahhahah.pokoknya paradise deh world. Do not forget to stop by if fitted dijakarta, kalo nga regret stopping

Cheat Point Blank Indonesia

Game game online The new a trend and very digemarin gamers today are Point Blank Indonesian, where Players point blank Indonesia estimated to have reached millions in number. The origin ofPoint Blank Indonesia game online dari gemscool the most popular Indonesian gamers. The pattern of this game point blank that game online who played in the team and is the type of game FPS (First Person Shooter)

First we must have the first client to register the game point blank this. Examples of pattern game point blank, that there are two teams that is blue, which like the police and red like an army and enter the room when we must choose one of the two. This game consists of several types of matches in point blank, that isDead Match, Bom Mission, Eliminate, Destroy.

Well, let me point blank the thrill of this game, I love this link to download Cheat headshot point blank can we make DISINI!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Desain Rumah Idaman Tahun 2011

You need to organize and design in such a way that will house you live in and for the harmony of your household. This is a creative home and home design that will be the trend in the year 2011.

A house with a full core design with the warmth of the sun, will also be able to add the warmth of your family time to relax in the morning and in the afternoon, following designs:
Desain 1

Desain 2

Desain 3

Desain 4 (teras samping rumah)

Desain 5 (Halaman Samping)

Dan ini adalah desain toko ataupun ruko trend tahun 2011

Dan berikut ini adalah gambaran secara keseluruhan dari beberapa arsitektur untuk bangunan rumah idaman pada tahun 2011:

34 Stages Brand ADIDAS Ball Making Process


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