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Foto Irfan Bachdim Terbaru 2011 melalui Twitter | Pin BB Irfan Bachdim

Kumpulan Foto Irfan Bachdim 2011 has become for many fans inceran football players this Bachdim Irfan. Even now many are hunting new BB Pin or Pin Blackberry Bachdim Irfan Irfan Bachdim through google search engine. In many emerging twitter from the latest photos Irfan Bachdim, where fans of supporters of Indonesia in exchange-exchange photo Irfan Bachdim via twitter and Facebook and also a lot of fans who want to see the profile Irfan Bachdim. It's really Irfan Bachdim mascot for the fans, especially fans of the team eagle chick.

Although Indonesia has not managed to win the trophy but the supporters AFF girl who became a fan of a lot of which Bachdim Irfan Irfan Bachdim gathered for photos with it and ask for signatures Irfan Bachdim. Up-to-Bachdim Irfan did not have time to eat lunch because mobbed by his fans.

Times when even this on twitter networking sites are seeing a lot of twitter content Irfan Irfan Bachdim Bachdim mainly comment and update the latest photos Bachdim Irfan. Wow, really Irfan Bachdim suddenly famous artist in a foreign country even just a lot of comment to twitter Irfan Bachdim. Here is a collection of search results twitter photos Irfan latest Bachdim 2011:

Tube8 | Situs Hot Terbaru

tube8 , , film dewasa ,  foto hotSitus Tube8 - For those of you who like seeing a hot movie or adult should never miss sites www.tube8.comHere we can get a collection of BF film that we can download free movies bf from several countries and also we can choose some hot movies of hot artists that exist, for example search: Movies and Film BF Hot Artis ABG. But do not dare to open the site meets these demands Tube8 this if you are not old enough or below the 18th (recommended 18 + +), because at this site is a very hot video full bf. For example on this site we can get videos of hot artists from several countries and in this tube8 site also provides some exciting photos and pictures of hot teenage artists from several countries as well. Because this is a site that is very hot, then the various Internet providers in Indonesia and even many who criticize the mengeblock itus. For instance speedy provider in Indonesia will mengeblock tube8 site is because this site is for kia can download a free movie hot or Bf from several countries, which feared the user under which open this site and download freely.

The film is available on the website tube8 this will all be smelled 18 + + will need to watch out for underage users to not ever dare to open the site. And for those who are aged 18 + + you can either open this site, but I suggest you be careful to keep the exciting movies that you download from the hands of minors 17th.ok.selamat open this site ....

Ucapan Tahun Baru 2011 | Happy New Year 2011

Kata Ucapan Tahun Baru 2011 – The new year 2011 less than 2 days we will close in 2010 and changed the new year 2011, would not be complete if we did not utter another word for happy new year 2011 we are good friends via sms new year 2011 and fuel new year 2011 (the Blackberry messenger greeting the new year 2011). Let's say each new year with the following words, can we convey to our friends and our relatives.

Ride carts
Enjoying the beautiful scenery
Does not feel right in change
Hopefully a beautiful year
Success is always in the year 2011!

This year is it passed,
Like an arrow released from the bow.
A new dawn in the coming year,
Hopefully a new sheet is better.
Happy new year 2011
Hopefully, more advanced and successful ..

Eating tomatoes with a kangaroo
There are fish frozen in ice chest
I hope always success

The year 2010 will end
A lot of what I did wrong and silaf
Of course, I hope your forgiveness born
So smile ... we show later in the year 2011

Met the new year 2011.
hope "faith always adds,
charity always istiqomah,
rizqi and age are always a blessing,
pray always mustajabah,
all that we have always benefits lii'la'ikalimatillah,
Amien ..

The days turned into ..
Month change ..
Year was changed ..
New Year new hope ..
Keep the spirit ..
Happy new year 2011

Out of the car after the parking
Seeing the pretty girl
Hepi new year
Oh sweetheart!

New Year?
New friends,,
New boyfriend,,
New clothes,
This new style donk!
Anyway the new "deh ..
Met the new year 2011 .. yahh!

Want a funny new year sms? Please see other articles about funny greeting new year 2011 in this website

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Video Hot Keraton Bergoyang Hebohkan Sumenep Madura

Video Syur Keraton Bergoyang Sumenep – Recently, residents Sumenep Madura in hebohkan with hot videos Swaying Palace. Video Palace Swaying is allegedly played by citizens Sumenep Madura with intentional and now many scattered in the mobile phone. And in internetpun can easily download videos Palace Swaying with 3gp file in which video Swaying Palace consists of 2 versions of hot videos.

Swaying the palace hot video duration 4 minutes 28 seconds, where the first version of the second pair of hot video is still in a state of complete outfit is doing hot kissing scene with her. And in the video Shur Palace Swaying the second version lasted 25 minutes 9 seconds, the two couples were posing without clothes at all and have sex Hot male positions are above and below his girlfriend, and the end of the game of women asked to sit so that his face clearly visible in camera rekamanan video.

Allegedly hot video titled Swaying the palace was deliberately recorded by using a third person, but not yet investigated the truth of the origin and the two couples who perform hot video footage Swaying the palace. Currently Sumenep police chief, said the current Susanto AKBP parties are conducting an investigation of the circulation of a video nasty, and will immediately follow the video case Swaying the palace. Here he stressed, "" No there should be people who play exciting. Moreover, to spread in the community. Because, Sumenep is known by many scholars and urban students'

SMS Cinta | Ungkapan Cinta Terbaru

SMS Cinta is an expression of love or the expression of feelings are realized in a text or words - words of love that was sent in the form of message. For those who just swayed by the love, do not let you disappointed not to express your love to your loved ones. "Because the most painful thing is not a separation between life and death, but when I'm with you but you never know if I love you". Well, so do not be afraid to declare an expression of love with words of love through sms love is not important what you have to express your love feelings to your loved ones.

Here is a collection of romantic sms sms love or seduction or words of love to your lover:

• S-eandainya
L-ore known
M-aka me
M-anis for you
A-gar thee
L-ore tau
A-I always

• Social Qta yg esia sprti not faithful 1 hour

not just as Baygon who faithfully 8 hours

n not just as a distinguished faithful peps0dent 12 hours

Qta friendship like ...?
Rexona who devoted every moment!

• 1 p0h0n bs so forest
A smile bs jd attention
1 touch bs jd thing not trlupakan
1 person like bs is competed

• The day will from Pls come you'll be mine
But I'll just wait till That time
If I have to wait forever, that's what I'll do
Cause I can not live my life without you

• i ve searched my heart for dawords 2 say just how much u mean 2 mi.
ur al of God's Blessings rolled into dreams,
my desires, my evening, my sun, my evening walking moment,
hpes my en my fears, mydisillusion, my contentment,
nd my joy my tears. But most Important of all,
Pls i tank God i pray bcoz u mke my every moment

• 1x I was born
1x I live
1x I will die
1x I would love someone. Namely You

• I may BKN perfect friend, not jg best friends are you looking among them all. But I always remember is a friend who wants you.

• All I wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me
All I wanted was sum1 who'd b there 4 me
All I ever wanted was sum1 who'd b true
All I ever wantedwas sum1 like U ...

• I m on a mission:
Avoid Misson 2 u,
2 forgetu, 2 get rid of u,
2 not 2 talk 2u or meet u,
in short ....

• when you are sad, you can close your eyes,
when you sleep also you can close your eyes, but do not close your heart for me

• Metro TV, CNN, AFP, Bang Napi, Coverage 6, Between, ESPN, WordPress News is old news
hear from you one who always kunanti

• love is beautiful, beautiful like jewelry made of gold, gold is identical to the color yellow, and there are a lot of yellow in time, scattered ..
that's love ...

• Smile is a melody of soul. Work is a service of the spirit. Love is a gift of the heart. Have a new life full of smiles, good work, and love. Happy Love Day, my dear.

• If one day you'll break my heart ... I love you with the remaining pieces.

• it is raining, try to see out the window! Calculate point of water falling from the sky! A total of why I love you

Okay hopefully with this latest collection of love sms, you can express your feelings to someone you care. Never be afraid to express love will be rejected even if you dare express critical feelings of love you ...

Final Score Prediction 20Prediksi Indonesia VS Malaysia AFF AFF 2010 Final Leg 2 | Prediction Octopus Gudel

Final Score Prediction AFF 2010 Leg 2 Indonesia Vs Malaysia is what will determine victory AFF Cup 2011. AFF 2010 Final leg 2 or the final round of both Indonesia against Malaysia was held at the Bung Karno Main Stadium on Wednesday, December 29, 2010. But more surprising anymore, now in Indonesia also have octopus is an octopus magic fortune teller who tries to predict the Cup second leg final match between Indonesia vs Malaysia AFF named Gudel (octopus god of the sea), where Gudel octopus is a new occupant Sea World Jakarta.

Forecasting is the same way Gudel octopus with octopus paul forecasting, the management of Sea World prepares two transparent tubes that consist of two tubes in which an Indonesian flag tube and one tube both flagged Malaysia. About three hours after the placement of two tubes containing each participant flag AFF final, finally Gudel previously kept on the wall aquariums are slowly moving towards the tube Indonesian flag precisely around jam17.30. Here Decisive Sonny Director of Sea World Indonesia "This process only predictions and may Indonesian truly champions."

For the final prediction score of Indonesia Vs Malaysia 2nd leg on 29 December 2010, according to researchers football experts predicted that 2010 could AFF final 2nd leg Indonesia VS Malaysia will get a score of 4-1 to win Indonesia, but to win the AFF Cup 2011 Indonesia require 4-0 Score or 5-1 for the second leg final match against Malaysia Indonesia on December 29, 2010

Ucapan Tahun Baru 2011 | Sms Tahun Baru 2011

Ucapan tahun baru 2011 - soon we will enter the Year 2011, whereby the year was a year according to the calendar china rabbit. Each time the switch many years would cover the event or events in the new year 2011 which are held en masse to welcome the new year 2011. But every year is not a complete change if we are not mutually congratulated the new year 2011 (Happy New Year 2011) with sms New Year 2011, contains a greeting - greeting the new year 2011 which usually contains about new and returning ditahun expectations over a new leaf in the new year as well.
Here's a collection of greeting the new year 2011 and also sms new year 2011 (happy new year 2011):

Treat Mr. Head Teacher
Bu teachers eat the same ice bakwan
Happy New Year!
Best of luck always friend

There is no word as beautiful as poetry rebound.
No pearls are as beautiful as an angel.
But today more than the previous day, because very soon we will pass the second turn of the lot on the waiting millions of people in the world.
Only one I can do and say
Happy new year 2011.

Yesterday is memory. Today is a gift. TOmmorow is a Hope. Let's begin the New Year ..... with faith, love, peace and new hope. GBU

B-egin with
L-ove in CHRIST
E-xpect blessing
S-hares goodness
S-Hine like the sun
l-nspire everybody
N-ever forget That
G-OD is with u always
Happy New Year .....

Tick ... tick ... no ... no .... The sound of hours in my room, walked slowly but surely to welcome the new year 2011? Happy New Year 2011

All Things FAITH makes possible,
HOPE makes All Things Work,
All Things LOVE makes beautiful.
May you have all three in this New Year .....
Happy New Year ...... May this new year bring us a new spirit to reach all your dreams, good health and a happiness forever ...

New Year ....
MOTIVATION & new obsession
Welcome to 2011 ...

Similarly, some set of new year 2011 greeting new mengkin mengucapan useful for the new year 2011 to a relative, friend or your boyfriend ..
Okay .. Our entire website manager we congratulate the new year 2011 Happy New Year 201

Jupe Make Bra Laser Replying To Malaysia

Bra Laser Jupe - Julia Perez ready use laser bra to support Indonesia in AFF Cup final 2nd leg 2010 Malaysia vs Indonesia. Jupe to behave so disappointed supporters who make Malaysia a laser beam to outwit the views markus (Indonesian goalkeeper).

Here's firm when contacted VIVAnews Jupe, Tuesday, December 28, 2010, "The idea of making 'bra laser' that pops up when finished watching Garuda national team's defeat of Malaysia. I put on Twitter and fuel, let them know we can. "

Jupe will not accept defeat in the final of AFF Indonesia 2010 Indonesia against Malaysia while in Malaysia. Artists are often greeted Jupe film was intended to reply to action is not sportsmanship. But it was just a joke because it was so infuriated Jupe fraud committed by supporters of Malaysia, thus akanpun Jupe still hope eventually to be casual fans Indonesian Red and White support the troops. "We must show our fair state. We love great support to the national team," he said jupe lover Gaston.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pengumuman CPNS Jateng 2010 |

Announcement CPNS Jateng 2010 - The Central Java Test CPNS 2010 was indeed a very, very anticipated for prospective civil servants who have followed the exam CPNS Jateng 2010. Exam Results CPNS Jateng 2010 has been opened at 8:00 am on December 28, 2010 where the results can also be opened through its official website at solo daily post Tuesday, December 28, 2010 has announced test results CPNS Jateng 2010 that qualify as many as 5181 people who passed in cpns jateng 2010.

For the announcement CPNS Jateng 2010 can be seen from the registration number and password that viewed from the menu navigation avigasi then click on the selection and choose the selection test, the website we can download participants name on state tests pass written on the official website of the announcement of the 2010 cpns central java.

But to see the results announcement CPNS Jateng 2010 need to be patient because of the many people who opened the official website makes bandwitd website full and probably an error, but do not worry and try again at a refresh to appear acrobat reader to view the announcement of test results CPNS Jateng 2010.

Photos Kissing Rahma Azhari with Bule

Rahma Azhari Hot Photos kissing stir men thing twitter and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Really this new hot-hotnya news spread back Rahma Azhari Photo Shur kissing with an unknown foreigner where they are not wearing any clothes and without a benangpun. In these hot photos Rahma Azhari and Caucasians are kissing in the pool soaking pool without using the clothing.

Shortly after the images - photos Shur Rahma Azhari with Caucasians, the wartawanpun immediately tried to contact Rahma Azhari mobile phone but would not be appointed by Rahma Azhari. According to the empirically estimated through the photo image is no hotel or bathhouse disebuah jakusi that arriving in Indonesia. But the truth is unknown.

Rahma Azhari Photo Hot Kiss With Bule is making an uproar back after a hot photo spread Rahma Azhari with McMenemy coach now followed with a kiss photo Rahma Azhari with Bule Men. Currently new research will who deliberately spread the Rahma Azhari hot photos, whether the motive behind spreading these pictures Rahma Azhari exciting? khasus Rahma Azhari whether this will be the same with video hot Ariel peterpan?.
Is it just to boost the popularity alone?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tya Agustin | Foto Hot Di Film 13 Cara Memanggil Setan

Tya Agustin , foto hot Tya Agustin , Foto syur Tya AgustinFree download Film 13 Cara Memanggil Setan - Foto Syur Tya Agustin, Artis pendatang baru ini memang benar-benar menggemparkan dunia infotainment, dengan badan ideal dan berpakaian hot membuat banyak tawaran fotografer dan job main film baik film layar lebar maupun film sinetron. Tya Agustin adalah seorang gadis yang lahir 18 agustus ini terbiasa dengan pakaian terbuka dan hot, pose-pose menantang dan hot tersebut banyak ditemui di majalah dewasa. Sensasi Tya Agustin yang terhot terlihat saat memerankan film 13 Cara Memanggil Setan dengan menggunkan pakaian-pakaian yang hot dan terbuka dengan wajah yang penuh hot dan panas.

Di Filmnya “13 Cara Memanggil Setan” si Tya mendapatkan peran panas dan harus tampil dengan adegan buka-bukaan. Selain karirnya sebagai model, Tya Agustin sempat main di sinetron Seruni dan Mengejar Melani dan juga Tya Agustin sempat memerani beberapa iklan produk yang dibintanginya. Saat ini Tya Agustin berharap untuk dapat masuk ke dunia infotainment sebagai bintang sinetron maupun layar lebar

Untuk download Film 13 Cara Memanggil Setan bisa anda dapatkan di, dimana di film 13 Cara Memanggil Setan si Tya Agustin banyak sekali melakukan pose hot dan buka-bukaan,jadi jangan sampai kelewatan untuk nonton filmnya.ok

Highlighted Mark Laser Beam | Due Defeat Indonesia AFF Finals 2010

Indonesia defeat thanks to goalkeeper Markus Horison exposed to highlight the laser when the ball approached the goal markus. Leg1-final soccer match Indonesia vs Malaysia which ended with the score 3-0 to Malaysia was found to be honest. Mark protest will defeat Indonesia 3-0 is not fair or not fair because the resulting laser taxable markus markus unable to concentrate to hold the ball that resulted in goals for the team Malayasia until 3-0.

At the time of Malaysia's national team make its first corner kick goal against Indonesia in the 9th minute sudden there is a laser beam from supporters or less clear where the cause of Mark could not see the ball to be fired. It was submitted by markus tersebutpun to the referee, and wasitpun could pause the game to ensure there are no laser beam into the face of Indonesia's goalkeeper. Is it possible because the laser is switched off?

With this incident PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid had threatened to Malaysia because the local committee has been cheating by using laser beams. Indonesian national team will walkout if the laser beam from the direction of Malaysian fans can not be overcome and will conduct further investigation of this fraud which will result in losing 3-0 Indonesia

Gempa Pasifik Barat 7,6 SR menjadi Ancaman Tsunami

Western Pacific tsunami threat after 7.6 magnitude quake shook the area near Vanuatu in the western Pacific on Sunday, December 26, 2010 morning local time. With the occurrence of an earthquake measuring 7.6 Richter shocks mejadikan Western Pacific tsunami threat, according to Supervisor said the United States Geological (USGS). Sunday 26 December 2010 the Central Pacific Tsunami United States Trustees (PTWC) confirmed the existence of the tsunami threat to Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia shortly after the 7.6 magnitude quake shook the area near Vanuatu in the western Pacific.

The quake was centered 135 miles west of Isangel at a depth of a shallow sea near Vanuatu in the Pacific north west and 200 kilometers Tadine in the Loyalty islands, New Caledonia. Where USGS / Supervisor United States Geological explain that the earthquake there dikedalaman 24 kilometers from the surface of the water.

According to the United States Trustees Pacific Tsunami quake may Vanuatu mngakibatkan Vanuatu tsunami which is estimated at around 18:38 pm local time around 18:59 and New Caledonia and Fiji at 20:12 local time. This time it was investigated whether the impact of the earthquake is really a threat of a tsunami. And wargapun warned to berwaspada when the tsunami hit

Saturday, December 25, 2010

How to Order AFF Cup 2010 Final Tickets Online | Ticket Prices 2nd leg

Tiket Final AFF 2010 – Ticket prices AFF Cup final second leg December 29, 2010 online is currently the most practical in purchasing tickets Final AFF 2010, seen from the number of tickets purchased through the ticket office manual finals AFF 2010 that caused a commotion and the long queue. So that's where many Indonesian supporters who choose to purchase tickets Cup Final 2010 2nd leg through internet online. For AFF Cup Final ticket prices 2010 was also not cheap because of the many spectators and supporters who want to see Indonesia last final 2nd leg Indonesia VS Malaysia

Here is the time / period ticket sales Final 2nd leg match AFF Cup 2010 December 29, 2010:
- On December 23, 2010: The sale of tickets for Category I
- On December 24, 2010: The sale of tickets for Category II
- On December 26, 2010: The sale of tickets for Category III

Here's a Final Ticket Price AFF 2010 dated December 29, Leg 2 Malaysia vs Indonesia:
- Flights VVIP (total: 671 pages) is sold at Rp 1 million per sheet
- VIP Tickets West (amount: 2700 shares) were sold at Rp 500,000 per share
- East VIP tickets (total: 3500 sheets) is sold at Rp 350,000 per share
- Flights Category I (total: 24,000 shares) were sold at Rp 200,000 per share
- Flights Category II (total: 16,000 shares) were sold at Rp 150,000 per share
- Flights Category III (total: 30,000 lember) is sold at Rp 75,000 per share

For ticket purchase information manually where you can see below:
- Customs & A: The window is located in front of Gate Mosque Albina
- B Counters: Counters in front KONI
- Counters C: Counters, West Plaza

This information for the purchase of tickets final 2nd leg AFF 2010 for Malaysia against Indonesia.

Photo 3 Hot Hollywood with Donation Plea

Foto syur Julianne Moore, Pamella Anderson dan Kelly Broke - Beginning in 2011 Hollywood actress dare to appear without clothes was exciting photos to contribute under the pretext of victims of natural disasters. Julianne Moore, Pamella Anderson and Kelly Broke willing exciting photo without clothes he argued for the donation of a natural disaster or because the fees that big?

Julianne Moore dared to appear without wearing any clothes without any clothes covered in the company of two male cubs in the recent advertisement Bvlgari bag. Julianne Moore hot photo where Moore was lying naked on a chair with only cover the lion and the sensitivity of the seedlings using Bvlgari handbags

In addition to performing with Julianne Moore Bvlgari bag ad, he also used the luxury jewelry jewelry such as advertising in the edition summer or spring in the company of two male parrots are themed Eccentric Charisma.

Also Pamela Anderson too hot posing naked on the cover of playboy magazine beginning in 2011, which the artist says Pamela Anderson hot photo on the photo is just to raise funds for the purpose of Rp223 million good donate to charity the result of hot photo Pamela Anderson.

Not to be outdone also Kelly Brook hot pictures also posed naked with Kelly Brook hot pictures reasons to open up totally for the benefit of the media's News of The World and also advertising online site for the latest equipment masturbation.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Photo Syahrini with Bule | Photo Hot Syahrini

Foto Syahrini dengan Bule recently is becoming the hottest gossip among the artists, because the photo syahrini with Caucasians syahrini seems like it should a Caucasian girlfriend. In these syahrini photo, posing syahrini embrace men thing with Hot hugged tightly and the Caucasian guy. And they face each other properly attached two lovers who dimadu love.

Photo syahrini embrace these Caucasian boys now widely spread on the internet especially on Mesengger Blackberry users. In the photo the men thing it was sitting on the couch and Syahrini embrace the man from the right with a very tightly. Gossip even this down to the ears of the ex-lover syahrini is ananda. But during the interview related photos hot neighbor guy syahrini with the Caucasians, the anangpun silent and not say anything.

Currently, a new infotainment journalists are busy looking for information on whether the guy is indeed Caucasians have a special relationship with syahrini or just simply friends for granted. And also any comments from syahrini No Comment. Yes this is the task of infotainment reporters who are experts in the field of gossip gossip, we just wait for the sequel ....

Prediction Indonesia VS Malaysia | 2 AFF Cup final

Prediction Indonesia VS Malaysia Leg 1 December 26, 2010 - Finally, Indonesia will fight dibabak Malaysia AFF Cup Soccer finals in 2010 after successfully defeating the Philippines dibabak last semifinal with a score of 1-0 to win the Indonesian team. Viewed from the group stage at the time of the Indonesian team met with Team Malaysia, Indonesia managed to beat furiously Malaysia with a score of 5-1 to win the team eagle.

In the preliminary round against Malaysia Indonesia Gol printers made by Muhammad Ridwan, Arif Suyono, Christian Gonzalez, Irfan Bachdim and there is also an own goal from Asraruddin Putra Mohd Bin Om. With the convergence of Indonesia VS Malaysia in the preliminary round group can be ascertained that the Indonesian team in the game Final Leg 1 AFF 2010 Indonesia vs Malaysia predictions will most likely win the final match of the 2010 AFF.

From several experts and Indonesian soccer fans, predict the final game AFF 2010 Indonesia vs Malaysia on 26 - 11 - 2010 with a prediction score of 2-1 to win the Indonesian team.
LIFE INDONESIA!! AFF Cup 2010 DRAFT ONLY for the team ... ... ciayyyoooo

Download Video Syur Karaoke Bogor

Video Hot Karaoke Bogor – hot video that happened dikaraokean region is making an uproar bogor bogor residents. Where is seen from the background video is hot bogor berlatarbelakangkan karaoke background Botanical Square area, West Java. On hot video karaoke bogor these men face similar terliat manager karaoke place, while women are citizens bogor.

Here's the response from the City of Bogor, Adj Criminal Police AKP named Indra Gunawan, "the case is still in the investigation officer and we've secured a suspect, is still deepening phase case", the man who secured the named Suhero, residents Griya Katulampa, Bogor, that is manager of the karaoke places have been named as a suspect karaoke bogor these exciting videos.

Having done so searchingly searchingly for the information that the Suhero admitted accidentally recording the scene hot in the karaoke room for spreading it, so that with such recognition can be snared Suhero article 27 paragraph 1 Act on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) with the threat of a maximum of 6 years in prison. Until now download video hot karaoke bogor is very hunted in cyberspace internet. Files to download video karaoke in the form bogor 3gp video file that has been compressed to a small mobile media.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jogjakarta Earthquake December 21, 2010 amounted to SR 5.8

Gempa Jogja – Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 10:59 pm. An earthquake measuring 5.8 Richter again felt by residents of Yogyakarta. For photos Yogyakarta earthquake is still under investigation the truth, because according to the information is not there is damage or casualties. Yogya quake raises public today jogja town panic and fear of volcano eruption or a Tsunami. But the panic was unwarranted because, according to research Yogyakarta earthquake is known to Site BMKG noted, the epicenter was 140 km with a depth of 16 km southeast region Wonosari, Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta.

Yogya quake was dirasaakan residents Jogya about 5 tick that makes people panic and jump out of dijalanaan for fear their houses destroyed. Following the interview of a citizen who felt the quake, "Tremors felt about 5 seconds" said residents.

As a result of the quake citizens also get rumors that there are many buildings or people were injured by the earthquake which makes them more kwatir in the presence of larger aftershocks. Andri a firm that provides information about the quake "We have people still out, worried that aftershocks, but everything's fine" he said

Pengumuman Hasil CPNS Jatim 2010 | Test CPNS Jawa Timur

Announcement of Test Results of East Java CPNS 2010 - Announcement of exam passes Java CPNS 2010 was officially announced on 21 December 2010, which is officially announced through the website CPNS East Java was held on December 12, then with the number of participants as many as 14,701 people, but 2818 people were absent and did not follow the Java test CPNS 2010.

CPNS Test Results jatim 2010 was indeed very long-awaited jatim citizens who have been following the test test cpns. East Java governor's announcement instructions test cpns jatim 2010 will be downloaded on 21 December 2010 at 07.00 pm starting the tests pass or not pass the test all the names will be listed on the website But that more details will try opening in

I congratulate those who pass the Test CPNS 2010 East Java

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Foto Hot Rahma Azhari With Coach Filipina Simon McMenemy

By Coach Philippines Simon McMenemy - recently revealed new rumors about the relationship Rahma Azhari By Coach Simon McMenemy Philippines, where hot photo spread diinternet Rahma Azhari By Coach Simon McMenemy Philippines with a challenging pose. Monday, December 20, 2010, photo Hot Rahma Azhari By Coach Philippines Simon McMenemy on display at the twitter account @ RaAzhari. In the photo Rahma Azari using a light blue dress with cuddle pose with the Philippine coach.

Posts twitter account @ RaAzhari write status of "He's just a friend .. What a lovely person .. Glad to Actually meth uterus! Had a great time!" . The following are comments from the lawyer named Rahma Azhari Secarpiandy about these hot photos, "Do not be exaggerated besarkanlah. It's just ordinary photos. Later news about Rahma endless. Pity them too"

Though currently still in Medan Secarpiandy and comments Secarpiandy also said that Rahman does not have a special relationship with Simon McMenemy. Here are firmly Secarpiandy "I understand there is no special relationship. If it's familiar or not, I do not understand"

AFF Finals Schedule 2010 | Schedule AFF 2010

Jadwal AFF 2010 - Now this struggle AFF cup football 2010 is entering the final round AFF 2010 after the semifinal Indonesia vs Philippines on 19 December 2010 was won by a team of red and white eagle with the acquisition of a score of 1-0 for Indonesia. Final AFF 2010 was determined from the winner of the match winner Malaysia vs Indonesia vs Vietnam and the Philippines.

Where in the match against Vietnam Malaysia won by Malaysia and Indonesia against the Philippines on December 19, has been won by the Indonesian football team. Final live broadcast schedule AFF 2010 was likely as usual will be broadcast by RCTI and stout hope and support from the Indonesian team to win the AFF Cup 2010. LET us support our prayers for the Indonesian team.

The following is a schedule of games Final AFF 2010:

Leg 1 Sunday, December 26, 2010
Malaysia vs Indonesia

2nd leg Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Indonesia vs Malaysia

Video Indonesia VS Filipina | Gol Gonzales skor 1-0

Video Samples Of The Match vs Philippines Indonesia AFF 2010 - Sunday, December 19, 2010 was indeed a match that very, very exciting for lovers of Indonesian football. Finally dipertandingan VS semifinals Indonesia Philippines, Indonesia has again won this semi-final match with a 1-0 result with the position of the printing Gol Cristian Gonzalez. Cristian Gonzalez is a hero to Red and White squad of team eagle.

In the match Indonesia vs Philippines Indonesia national team player Cristian Gonzalez lowered down with the Word in which Word Utian Utina is expected to be back to defend Indonesia's second leg semi-final 2010 contra Philippines AFF Cup, but a very unfortunate Irfan Bachdim Indonesia absent when the game against the Philippines.

Here is video footage Indonesia vs Philippines December 19, 2010:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pin BB Artis Indonesia | Pin Blackberry Artis

Pin BB Artis Indonesia | For Blackberry users must have a lot of artists who are looking for pin Blackbery updates in 2011 and where we can use the BB messenger to chat with salaing Indonesian artists. Indeed, with the convenience of BlackBerry Messenger lets you get closer and berchating ria in our Blackberry or cell phone. So do not let ketingganan to add pins Blackberry Indonesian artist. Here we provide a wide selection of keywords to pin Blackberry Indonesian artist and this is the list of artists blackberry users (BB):

Anji drive, Bunga Citra Lestari, Imelda Therinne, Kalalo Beautiful, Beautiful Palapory, Intan Ayu, diamonds nuraini, inul daratista, Jenar Mahesa Ayu, Cynthiara Alona, Kris Kristofferson, Olga Syahputra, Masayu Anastasia, Yuni shara, Ladya Cherryl, Laudya Cynthia Bella, Leony, Lia Ananta, Lula Kamal, Lulu Tobing, Raffi Ahmad, Maudy Koesnaedi, Maya, Melanie Putria, Memes, Mirasih Tyas Endah, Francine Roosenda Yachinta, garage, Garneta Haruni, gita gutawa, Gracia Indri, Happy Salma, Helen, jadakiss , Mona Ratuliu, Mulan Jameela, Syakieb Nabila, Nadia Saphira, Nadia Stephanie, Nadia Vega, Luna Maya, Dian Sastro Ward, Tina Talisha, Teuku Vishnu, Shireen Sungkar, Marsyanda, Nadine Chandrawinata, Naysila Mirdad, Bebi Romeo, Julia Perez, Melanie daughter, Baim Wong, Luna Maya, Barbie Ernesta, Dinna Olivia, Dominique agisca diyose, donita,, Andrea Dian, Angel Karamoy, Nadine, Nadya Hutagalung, Nafa Urbach, Nagita Slavina, Tamara Bleyzinski, monica, Rahma Azhari, Lusy Rahmawati, Lux Beauty, Lyra Virna, Rianti Cartwright, Rieke Dyah Pitaloka, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, Risty Tagor, rossa, Deswita Maharani, Desy Ratnasari, goddess, goddess of peach, dewi sandra, RSD, Sabrina Salsabila, Sally Marcelina, Sandra Angelia, Magdalena, Maia Estianti, graceful, Angie, Anita Hara, Annisa Lara Pohan, Annisa Pohan, Annie Trihapsari, Ardina Rasti, Artika Sari Devi, Asha Shara, Asmirandah, Astrid Tiar, Donna Agnesia, Dwi Putrantiwi, Endhita, Feby Febiola, Fitri Ayu Mareshah , Five Vi, Jessica Iskandar, Joanna Alexandra, joy tobing, Julie Estelle, Karenina, Kiki Amalia, Kinaryosih, Kirana Lara, krisdayantiAsty Anata, audy, Citra Yunita, cut keke, cut Memey, cut dance, Davina Veronica, Dea Ananda, Dea cute, Ahmad Dhani, Talitha latief, Dhini Aminarti, gift Permatasari, dian nitami, Velove Vexia, Venna Melinda, Verlita Evelyn, Vonny Cornelia, Wiwid Gunawan, Marini Zumarnis, Jeffryna Marissa, Marissa Marsha Timothy, Acha Septiasa, Adinia Wirasti, Alena, Alexandra Gottardo, Alyssa, Andhara Early, Chika, Chintya Lamusu, cindy fatika sari, Sharenna XL Gunawan girl, Sheila Marcia, Shelomita, Shenny Andrea, sherina, Shireen Sungkar, Terry Prince, Tessa Kaunang, Ivanka Tia, Tiara, dj, titi kamal, Uli Auliani, Ussy Sulistiawaty, Vega Ngatini, laura love, Cantika Atmanegara, Carissa's daughter, Catherine Wilson, MTV VJ Cathy Sharon, Chacha Frederica, Cheche Kirani, Chelsea Olivia, Pink Dear, Sissy Priscilla, Siti Nurhaliza, Dea Mirella, Della Citra, della flower, Sandra Dewi, Wulan Guritno, charly st12, Latjuba Sophia, Sophie Navita, syahrini, t2, Tamara Bleszynski, Tamara Geraldine, Trish, tere, Peggy Melati Sukma, Pevita, Pingkan, Prisa J-Rocks, Princess Patricia , Putri Titian, Rachel Amanda, Rachel Maryam, Galina Ratna, Ratna Listy, queen, Ratu Felisha, Raya Kohandi, rebecca, Revalina. Nia Ramadhani, Nikita Willy, Nina Tamam, Nirina Zubir, Nola, Nova Eliza, Nuri Maulida, Olga Lidya, Olivia Patricia, Olivia Zalianty, Sarah Azhari, Sarah Sechan, Shandy Aulia, shanty, Andi Soraya, Andien, Ayudia Bing Slamet, Baby Margaretha, BBB, Zaenal saphiraBunga bella, aura kasih, Ayu Anjani, ayu azhari, Marcela Zalianty, Mary Agnes, Mariana Renata,

Okay, the list of Indonesian artist living above the BB users and find the pins you see BB above Artis Indonesia. Hopefully you can berchating by artist idoa you via Blackberry messenger.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Anggit gallant Pratt who is suspected Spreader Video Hot Ariel

Foto Anggit Gagah Pratama , Foto Anggit Gagah ,Foto Anggit Pratama , Foto Anggit Photo Anggit dashing new Primary today fame discussed or profile Anggit gallant Primaries often searched on google search engine. Anggit Pratt is currently thought to be spreaders hot video ariel and cut n luna dance. While the former Redjoy aka RJ allegedly spreading those hot videos, has admitted himself that his cousin had been hot copy video files from data in the computer studio, without the permission of RJ.

Through social networking facebook and twitter many gallant Anggit photo spread as a cousin of RJ Pratt, Pratt gallant Anggit photo spread on the internet yesterday December 16, 2010 at 12:16 pm on twitter social networking and social networking site facebook. Photo Anggit circulate only black and white photographs only and there is also a picture is less clear because its position slightly bent.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video Indonesia vs Philippines | Samples Of The Match

Recordings / Video Video Games Indonesia aff cup against the Philippines in 2010 with a 1-0 result is very exciting game and make spectators pounding Indonesiapun supporters, but the final result is very encouraging for the team eagle with the gain score 1-0 for Indonesia football team. Although it can be said Indonesia Thin win by the Philippines team, but with the gain score of 1-0 is producing an Indonesian team has a great opportunity to get into the final round in the struggle for trophies aff 2010.

Here is a video footage Indonesia vs Philippines which is so very exciting, where the gain score 1-0 going solo goal by Chris Gonzales through a header of his head. Make sure you are not wasting saw Christian Gonzalez header record that will leave the eagle to enter the final round, let us enjoy the video together:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Acara Tahun Baru 2011 | Party Tutup Tahun 2010 (old & new)

Acara Tahun Baru 2011Informasi acara tutupan tahun 2010 atau acara party dugem Tahun Baru 2011in many big cities (Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Yogyakarta) indeed moments to look forward to the rich people to spend the year 2010 and before the new year 2011. Moreover, the new year in the night club / place of clubbing and clubbing sure many are looking for information for the new year this 2011.

List of the new year 2011 in Jakarta, where there is cover the event this year 2010, for example in the famous night club in Jakarta will be held Parti malioboro heavily in the close of 2010 later. And also there are also various other places in Jakarta clubbing party also held a cover of the year as well.

But the most fun is the show closed in on the island of Bali. It's really a massive party on Legian street will be closed and Parti great for night clubs are all rolled into one and we were clubbing in the streets around Legian street because it was closed for the clubbing. So if you want really massive Parti do not miss the show closed the year in Bali.

And if the new year in Surabaya which is the most crowded and hot in the night club pen house, do not miss the party closed in on the clubbing penhouse, will be served with a hot-hot certainly do not miss it .... Do not just an sms new year alone, but also follow the New Years Day events in cities deh ... you definitely exciting.

Sms Natal | Lucu dan Terbaru

Sms Natal 2010 – Hi, new friends who celebrate Christmas and new year 2011, we as managers pothatos website to say "Merry Chrismast 2010 and Happy New Year 2011". May the peace of Christmas be with us always and in the new year 2011 we will get thanks to the abundant-limpah.amin .... we do not forget to congratulate each other Christmas for relatives and our friends. Well, this little collection of our Christmas sms, Christmas sms both funny - funny or sms Christmas in the Java language, let's please see:
• Sugeng wiyosan dalem the Christ tuwin Enggal decade. Mugi Gusti blessing dalem tansah lumeber dumateng panjenengan sakeluarganipun.

• Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Christmas brings peace, joy, hope and abundance berkatyang, pobud accompany families and our jobs as well.

• I meet .. faith joy peace love .. They need place to stay, so i give Them your address .. Hope They arrive at your home to Celebrate a happy Christmas with U.. GBU ..

• Klo French: Joyeux Noel. Klo Greek: Kala Christouyenna. Klo Japan: Shinnen Omedetou. Klo Italy: Buone Feste Natalizie. Klo Aq: MerryX'mas Plendh .. May d peace n happiness of Christmas always b with un ur famz .. GBU .. nb: Better late Than Almost not at all, right? Hohoho ...

• I am sorry for being late in sending you a very best wishes of Christmas. But i believe That Jesus Christ was born WHO newly in our heart, never be late in giving His blessings and graces to EACH of us especially to you WHO love and serve HIM. MERRY CHRISTMAS

• I love you, You love me, We're a happy family, with a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you, Will not you say you love me TOO! I love you, You love me, We're best friends like friends Should Be, With a great big hug, And a kiss from me to you, Will not you say you love me too Melli Melli KLISMAS & Heppi Niu Year to YOU

• Tet tet tret ... Happy New year .. Say bye to 2010 n gud welcome to 2011 .. May GOD bless us .. May Thiz much Better Than last year n year Hope that We always be a gud fren .. Fren, I'm really sorry if i had mistaken or disappoint u.. New year May peace touch every heart .. Thx 4 being my fren .. God bless y'all always ... :-D tet tret teEeEeEt Happy New Year 2011:-D have a pleasant new year eve .. GBU

• No regret about the past ...
No fear about the future ...
New Hopes & dreams in 2010 ...
Thankful to God for His blessings in 2011 ...
Happy New Year!

• Merry Xmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011!
May the joy of xmas and the spirit of new year Brings more love hope
and faith in the upcoming year.

• Christmas is proof of God's love to us.
Have we receive the love and salvation provided by Jesus?
Christmas Greetings my brother.

• Xmas This is not the tinsel, not the giving n receiving, not even the carols, but the humble heart That receives a new the wondrous gift. the Christ! Merry Xmas!
Spirit of Christmas is the great joy. Message of Christmas is the great hope. Meaning of Christmas is the great love. Merry Christmas. Jesus Bless You!

• Ane got news, there were more 2000th baby age. Kasian really lo, kagak born in maternity hospitals, er in a smelly barn have a sheep. But he deliberately emang kagak want birth in maternity hospitals .. He wanted to really born in our hearts .. Happy birthday, Jesus! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year GBU

Ok ... let's hope this christmas sms collection useful for you who celebrate natal.Met Nataaaalllll ... ...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Announcement of Results Test CPNS kemenag 2010

Escaped Announcements Test CPNS kemenag 2010 - Participants who pass CPNS kemenag 2010 is a lot but that does not lolospun too much. For those who have followed Jobs Kemenag CPNS 2010, should see the results announcement kemenag 2010.Mari CPNS test results we see anyone who survived the test CPNS kemenag 2010?

The following prospective data CPNS kemenag 2010 that Escaped Test, the source is obtained from

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Aceh
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Barat
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Barat Daya
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Besar
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Jaya
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Selatan
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Singkil
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Tamiang
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Tengah
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Tenggara
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Timur
Kankemenag Kab. Aceh Utara
Kankemenag Kab. Bener Meriah
Kankemenag Kab. Bireuen
Kankemenag Kab. Gayo Lues
Kankemenag Kab. Nagan Raya
Kankemenag Kab. Pidie
Kankemenag Kab. Pidie Jaya
Kankemenag Kab. Simeulue
Kankemenag Kota Banda Aceh
Kankemenag Kota Langsa
Kankemenag Kota Lhokseumawe
Kankemenag Kota Sabang
Kankemenag Kota Subulussalam

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Sumatera Utara
Kankemenag Kab. Asahan
Kankemenag Kab. Batu Bara
Kankemenag Kab. Dairi
Kankemenag Kab. Deli Serdang
Kankemenag Kab. Humbang Hasundutan
Kankemenag Kab. Karo
Kankemenag Kab. Labuhanbatu
Kankemenag Kab. Labuhanbatu Selatan
Kankemenag Kab. Labuhanbatu Utara
Kankemenag Kab. Langkat
Kankemenag Kab. Mandailing Natal
Kankemenag Kab. Nias
Kankemenag Kab. Nias Barat
Kankemenag Kab. Nias Selatan
Kankemenag Kab. Nias Utara
Kankemenag Kab. Padang Lawas
Kankemenag Kab. Padang Lawas Utara
Kankemenag Kab. Pakpak Bharat
Kankemenag Kab. Samosir
Kankemenag Kab. Serdang Bedagai
Kankemenag Kab. Simalungun
Kankemenag Kab. Tapanuli Selatan
Kankemenag Kab. Tapanuli Tengah
Kankemenag Kab. Tapanuli Utara
Kankemenag Kab. Toba Samosir
Kankemenag Kota Binjai
Kankemenag Kota Gunung Sitoli
Kankemenag Kota Medan
Kankemenag Kota Padang Sidempuan
Kankemenag Kota Pematangsiantar
Kankemenag Kota Sibolga
Kankemenag Kota Tanjung Balai
Kankemenag Kota Tebing Tinggi

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Sumatera Barat
Kankemenag Kab. Agam
Kankemenag Kab. Dharmasraya
Kankemenag Kab. Kepulauan Mentawai
Kankemenag Kab. Lima Puluh Kota
Kankemenag Kab. Padang Pariaman
Kankemenag Kab. Pasaman
Kankemenag Kab. Pasaman Barat
Kankemenag Kab. Pesisir Selatan
Kankemenag Kab. Sijunjung
Kankemenag Kab. Solok
Kankemenag Kab. Solok Selatan
Kankemenag Kab. Tanah Datar
Kankemenag Kota Bukittinggi
Kankemenag Kota Padang
Kankemenag Kota Padangpanjang
Kankemenag Kota Pariaman
Kankemenag Kota Payakumbuh
Kankemenag Kota Sawahlunto
Kankemenag Kota Solok
Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Riau
Kankemenag Kab. Bengkalis
Kankemenag Kab. Indragiri Hilir
Kankemenag Kab. Indragiri Hulu
Kankemenag Kab. Kampar
Kankemenag Kab. Kuantan Singingi
Kankemenag Kab. Pelalawan
Kankemenag Kab. Rokan Hilir
Kankemenag Kab. Rokan Hulu
Kankemenag Kab. Siak
Kankemenag Kab. Kepulauan Meranti
Kankemenag Kota Pekanbaru
Kankemenag Kota Dumai

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. DKI Jakarta
Kankemenag Kab. Administrasi Kepulauan Seribu
Kankemenag Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat
Kankemenag Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat
Kankemenag Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan
Kankemenag Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur
Kankemenag Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Banten
Kankemenag Kab. Lebak
Kankemenag Kab. Pandeglang
Kankemenag Kab. Serang
Kankemenag Kab. Tangerang
Kankemenag Kota Cilegon
Kankemenag Kota Serang
Kankemenag Kota Tangerang
Kankemenag Kota Tangerang Selatan

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Jawa Barat
Kankemenag Kab. Bandung
Kankemenag Kab. Bandung Barat
Kankemenag Kab. Bekasi
Kankemenag Kab. Bogor
Kankemenag Kab. Ciamis
Kankemenag Kab. Cianjur
Kankemenag Kab. Cirebon
Kankemenag Kab. Garut
Kankemenag Kab. Indramayu
Kankemenag Kab. Karawang
Kankemenag Kab. Kuningan
Kankemenag Kab. Majalengka
Kankemenag Kab. Purwakarta
Kankemenag Kab. Subang
Kankemenag Kab. Sukabumi
Kankemenag Kab. Sumedang
Kankemenag Kab. Tasikmalaya
Kankemenag Kota Bandung
Kankemenag Kota Banjar
Kankemenag Kota Bekasi
Kankemenag Kota Bogor
Kankemenag Kota Cimahi
Kankemenag Kota Cirebon
Kankemenag Kota Depok
Kankemenag Kota Sukabumi
Kankemenag Kota Tasikmalaya

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Jawa Tengah
Kankemenag Kab. Banjarnegara
Kankemenag Kab. Banyumas
Kankemenag Kab. Batang
Kankemenag Kab. Blora
Kankemenag Kab. Boyolali
Kankemenag Kab. Brebes
Kankemenag Kab. Cilacap
Kankemenag Kab. Demak
Kankemenag Kab. Grobogan
Kankemenag Kab. Jepara
Kankemenag Kab. Karanganyar
Kankemenag Kab. Kebumen
Kankemenag Kab. Kendal
Kankemenag Kab. Klaten
Kankemenag Kab. Kudus
Kankemenag Kab. Magelang
Kankemenag Kab. Pati
Kankemenag Kab. Pekalongan
Kankemenag Kab. Pemalang
Kankemenag Kab. Purbalingga
Kankemenag Kab. Purworejo
Kankemenag Kab. Rembang
Kankemenag Kab. Semarang
Kankemenag Kab. Sragen
Kankemenag Kab. Sukoharjo
Kankemenag Kab. Tegal
Kankemenag Kab. Temanggung
Kankemenag Kab. Wonogiri
Kankemenag Kab. Wonosobo
Kankemenag Kota Magelang
Kankemenag Kota Pekalongan
Kankemenag Kota Salatiga
Kankemenag Kota Semarang
Kankemenag Kota Surakarta
Kankemenag Kota Tegal

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Kankemenag Kab. Bantul
Kankemenag Kab. Gunung Kidul
Kankemenag Kab. Kulon Progo
Kankemenag Kab. Sleman
Kankemenag Kota Yogyakarta

Sub Unit Kerja
Kanwil Kemenag Prov. Jawa Timur
Kankemenag Kab. Bangkalan
Kankemenag Kab. Banyuwangi
Kankemenag Kab. Blitar
Kankemenag Kab. Bojonegoro
Kankemenag Kab. Bondowoso
Kankemenag Kab. Gresik
Kankemenag Kab. Jember
Kankemenag Kab. Jombang
Kankemenag Kab. Kediri
Kankemenag Kab. Lamongan
Kankemenag Kab. Lumajang
Kankemenag Kab. Madiun
Kankemenag Kab. Magetan
Kankemenag Kab. Malang
Kankemenag Kab. Mojokerto
Kankemenag Kab. Nganjuk
Kankemenag Kab. Ngawi
Kankemenag Kab. Pacitan
Kankemenag Kab. Pamekasan
Kankemenag Kab. Pasuruan
Kankemenag Kab. Ponorogo
Kankemenag Kab. Probolinggo
Kankemenag Kab. Sampang
Kankemenag Kab. Sidoarjo
Kankemenag Kab. Situbondo
Kankemenag Kab. Sumenep
Kankemenag Kab. Trenggalek
Kankemenag Kab. Tuban
Kankemenag Kab. Tulungagung
Kankemenag Kota Batu
Kankemenag Kota Blitar
Kankemenag Kota Kediri
Kankemenag Kota Madiun
Kankemenag Kota Malang
Kankemenag Kota Mojokerto
Kankemenag Kota Pasuruan
Kankemenag Kota Probolinggo
Kankemenag Kota Surabaya

I Say CONGRATULATIONS to those who pass the exam CPNS kemenag 2010

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