Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rates Booking Hudson (INDONESIA SEEKING TALENT) Once Shown

Hudson as a finalist in 4 major INDONESIA SEEKING TALENT (IBM) is now really popular in Indonesia. Even yesterday when he was eliminated in Indonesia looking for talent, Hudson was already much-bokingan inundated with television stations and also the people who want memboking Hudson for parties or weddings.

One proof of this, at this november Hudson has been booked on a wedding party with a pop fare 30jt rupiah.Wooww ... really rich potential of this new Hudson, coupled with a bid of some television stations broadcast programs which will be contracted new event TRAN TV at a rate contract for 100jt ONLY for the first time only .. Imagine just for the first time just what the next contract 100jt once forth of what to try???. wah can-can ngalahin Arwana neh.hehehhe Tukul tariff. Congratulations for the successful Hudson always .....

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