Monday, November 29, 2010

Dewi Persik Topless

Artist 'rocking the saws' Dewi Persik did not think his personal collection of photographs that pose without clothes on top of spread to cyberspace. Artists nicknamed Depe apologize for that object to the topless photos. "If it's spread out like that, well I'm sorry for the beholder," said Dewi Persik when talking with, Thursday, November 25, 2010.

Dewi Persik itself has admitted that the photograph was genuine. Long hair was deliberately digerai Depe forward to cover the - sorry - the chest that is not wearing any clothes. However, Dewi Persik forget when the photo was taken with two poses. "My usual stuff if the makeup room, dressing room, like the photos that no-no," I ex-wife of Saiful Jamil dangdut singer this.

Foto Artis Indonesia Dewi Persik

Anna Dearhart Popular Magazine Star

Anna Dearhart (Female Birth Jakarta, March 23, 1984) is a sensual model of "hot" central courtyard. She ensures that her body is real. "Even I have small breasts, but I do not need plastic surgery, at least for now", he said.

"Fitness is a good solution to make the body fit and tight and do not forget to sleep enough," he said. According to our mascot, it's ok to spend the night (clubbing), sometimes as long as it's good for your enjoyment.

Foto Artis Indonesia Anna Dearhart

Friday, November 26, 2010

Download Film Hantu Tanah Kusir | Film Miyabi di Indonesia

Download Film Hantu Tanah Kusir played by Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is eagerly awaited by fans of the movie miyabi hot. This time Miyabi play a movie in Indonesia with the Land Titles ghost driver.

To download the Land of Ghosts Trailer driver, please the following:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cinta Fitri Oma Dies | Ida Kusuma Dies

Oma Farel Cinta Fitri died in the movie world - yesterday when interrupted shuting fitri love soap operas, senior artist Ida Kusuma had breathed her last breath on Thursday, November 25, 2010, at about 20:00 pm died at Castle Hospital Cinere, South Jakarta. Suspected death of the artist's love-Fitr Oma died suddenly of a heart attack.

The death of Ida Kusuma-making crew film crew love fitri many are surprised because before shuting the film as usual, but we knew he was a break in between shuting benapas before I know no longer, rushed semapat Cinere Castle Hospital, South Jakarta, but not helped again. Tiara said, the niece of a senior artist Connie Suteja him when contacted, said, Ida Kusuma died of a heart attack. "Then, from the place of filming, film crew took him to hospital, but not helped"

Foto Hot Dewi Persik Circulating on the Internet

Foto Hot Dewi Persik , foto pribadi dewi persik Foto Topless Dewi Persik – circulating again foto hot artis Indonesia in cyberspace, is the goddess of the artist's famous peach with rocking gergajinya. Photo Hot Peach tersebutpun not said in evasion by peach goddess and goddess is firmly in an interview, "That was the picture for me personally. If it's spread out like that, I'm sorry for those who see it "Thursday 25 November 2010.

Goddess of peaches was also surprised why the photo - personal photo spread internet. In foto hot Dewi persik it, the goddess of peach not wear tops and covered with long hair goddess who deliberately digerai in front so look exciting and sexy like the hot photos of this goddess.

Peach goddess was willing to take legal steps to follow the path who would dare disseminatefoto pribadi dewi persik secara sengaja di Internet.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ariel Session Results

sidang ariel , hasil sidang ariel , hasil persidangan ariel , hasil sidang ariel 22 novemberThe trial of Ariel - the result of court cases concerning Ariel ariel hot video with hot Video Luna Maya and Ariel and Cut Tari is eagerly awaited by fans or Fans Ariel. Siding held yesterday dated November 22, 2010 at 9:10 am exactly. In the trial case of Ariel, Ariel charged with three violations of the Act among other things:

1. Article 29 of Law No. 44 of 2008 on Pornography
2. Article 5 paragraph 3 letter b Law No. 1 of 1951 Emergency
3. Article 27 paragraph 1 Law No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE)

Monday, November 22, 2010, following responses OC Kaligis when met after meeting Ariel in PN Bandung "The response today I am hearing no comment, asked the clerk, not me. Later I was accused of disseminating the results of the trial. "According to the OC, if he gives an opinion and inform the course of the hearing today, will he be exposed to charges of disseminating the results of the hearing because the hearing was declared closed.

Meanwhile, Ariel's team of lawyers from another one of them Boy Afrian Bondjol filed an objection to the indictment the prosecutor who accused Ariel helped disseminate a video that allegedly carried Ariel own. For the continuation of the trial results Ariel can we see in the next session.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

SMS Tahun Baru 2011 – Happy New Year 2011

SMS Tahun Baru 2011 Terbaru – Buddy minute we stepped on a new year new year 2011 and we will leave this year 2010. So we should forget what happened in 2010 and we start the new year 2011 with a plan - plan ahead better. But it does not feel complete unless we congratulated each new year to others. Well, I give this collection a little collection of wordsucapan SMS Tahun Baru 2010 / Happy New Year 2011 :

• No regret about the past ...
No fear about the future ...
New Hopes & dreams in 2010 ...
Thankful to God for His blessings in 2011 ...
Happy New Year!

• Eating tomatoes with a kangaroo
There are fish frozen in ice chest
I hope always success

• Drinking coffee in the cup
White cup
Hepi New Year
oh sweetheart

• B-egin with
L-ove in CHRIST
E-xpect blessing
S-hares goodness
S-Hine like the sun
l-nspire everybody
N-ever forget That
G-OD is with u always

Happy New Year .....

• Happy New Year ...... May this new year bring us a new spirit to reach all your dreams, good health and a happiness forever ...

• Yesterday is memory. Today is a gift. TOmmorow is a Hope. Let's begin the New Year ..... with faith, love, peace and new hope. GBU

• All Things FAITH makes possible,
HOPE makes All Things Work,
All Things LOVE makes beautiful.
May you have all three in this New Year .....

• Tick ... tick ... no ... no .... the sound of hours in my room, walking Slowly but surely to welcome the new year 2011? Happy New Year 2011

• treat Mr. Head Teacher
Bu the Same Teachers eat ice bakwan
Happy New Year!
Best of luck always friend

Okay .... I hope the New Year SMS collection is useful for you ....

Harry Potter 7 – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter 7 , Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows , Download Film Harry Potter 7Harry Potter 7 versi - The movie harry potter 7 part 1 of this highly anticipated many movie fans harry potter, harry potter movie that was released late in 2010 was given the title Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Where is the latest harry potter movie this will make many people amazed, dumbfounded by the effects and animated movies are harry potter.

Harry potter 7 movie is played simultaneously in cinemas in Indonesia, but the film is sustained aka harry potter continued on part 2. Plan harry potter 7 part 2 will be aired or released in July 2011.

Friday, November 19, 2010

SMS Natal 2010 dan Tahun Baru 2011 - Merry Christmas 2010 dan Happy New Year 2011

SMS Natal 2010 dan Tahun Baru 2011 terbaru – Does not feel right now we're going into the Christmas Day 2010, How happy for those who celebrate Christmas Kritiani December 25, 2010 this, but Christmas is not complete without saying good christmas 2010 for friends - friends, relatives and our closest relatives. Let us celebrate Christmas 2010 with each other to say Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2010 (Happy Christmas 2010 and New Year SMS 2011).

Even if we are far apart and did not have time to say good christmas and new year directly, we should use technology that is to say using SMS Christmas 2010 Christmas and New Year 2011. Here is a collection of SMS sms christmas and new year latest:

• Merry Xmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011!
May the joy of xmas and the spirit of new year Brings more love hope
and faith in the upcoming year.

• Ane got news, there were more 2000th baby age. Kasian really lo, kagak born in maternity hospitals, er in a smelly barn have a sheep. But he deliberately emang kagak want birth in maternity hospitals .. He wanted to really born in our hearts .. Happy birthday, Jesus! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year GBU

• Merry Christmas. May God be with us and in our heart always n ever.

• Ane got news, there were more 2000th baby age. Kasian really lo, kagak born in maternity hospitals, er in a smelly barn have a sheep. But he deliberately emang kagak want birth in maternity hospitals .. He wanted to really born in our hearts .. Happy birthday, Jesus! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year GBU

• May the good times n Treasures of the present bcome the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish u lots of love, joy, happiness. Merry x-mas.

• Let us be the bearer of love, peace and light to the world. Merry Christmas, may our lives and families are always filled with love and peace.

• Hot tea! Specially 4 u mixed with 1 tsp. of love, 2 tsp. of joy, 3 tsp. of peace. Hope U feel the peace of X-Mas! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

• Simple music cans make U sing. Simple hug makes U feel better. Simple Things cans make U happy. Hope my Simple Merry Xmas & Happy New Year will of the make U smile

• Hohoho ... Merry Christmas! My plend .. May Thiz christmas u bring more hapPinez, joyfull, Faithful, n pren pliz 4give me well if i had mistaken
u disappointed or I'm really sorry. Christmas May peace touch into our heart .. God bless u n ur fam .. Plends 4eva .. n have a wonderful christmas ..

• Sugeng wiyosan dalem the Christ tuwin Enggal decade. Mugi Gusti blessing dalem tansah lumeber dumateng panjenengan sakeluarganipun.

• I love you, You love me, We're a happy family, with a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you, Will not you say you love me TOO! I love you, You love me, We're best friends like friends Should Be, With a great big hug, And a kiss from me to you, Will not you say you love me too Melli Melli KLISMAS & Heppi Niu Year to YOU

• Merry Xmas 2007 and Happy New Year 2008!
May the joy of xmas and the spirit of new year Brings more love hope
and faith in the upcoming year.

• Only open the receive LOVE HEARTS
Open Minds receive only WISDOM
GIFTS receive only open HANDS
and ..
SPECIAL FRIENDS only receive my greeting Merry Xmas.

• May the joy of Jesus bring new hope un ur family,
love, faith and grace. Wish u have a wonderful Xmas.
Merry christmas.

• Christmas is proof of God's love to us.
Have we receive the love and salvation provided by Jesus?
Christmas Greetings my brother.

Well, that's my latest collection is for you who celebrate Christmas, may peace of Jesus be with you semua.amin.GBU

Tyas Mirasih Hot Party

Tyas Mirasih, Party, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis,

Tyas Mirasih Endah also known by the name of Tyas Mirasih, is a model and soap opera star. His career started when named as a finalist Cover Girl 2002, and several times chance to appear as a model a number of magazines.

Foto Artis Indonesia Tyas Mirasih

Tyas who was born in Jakarta, 8 April 1987, has appeared as a model of video for This Time and Like It used to belong to the band Ungu. Followed then property song Baim, Like That I Want and Love Again sung by Sania.

Tyas also known as soap opera star. Soap opera titled Friend Will Be, Love That Shoes Ngga Glass and Blind, among the titles that have starred.

Tyas Mirasih, Party, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis,
Tyas Mirasih, Party, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis,
Tyas Mirasih, Party, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis,

Syahrini Photo Pictures

Syahrini, foto hot, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis, Syahrini born in Bogor, West Java, August 1, 1982; age 28 years is an Indonesian singer. Album of law degree from the University of Bogor Pakuan This is My Lovely was released in 2008. Before releasing their first album, the second of three sons, never sang for the movie Chocolate Strawberries compilation album with the title song "The look of Love"

Foto Hot Artis Syahrini

Syahrini, foto hot, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis,
Syahrini, foto hot, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis,
Syahrini, foto hot, foto artis indonesia, Foto Artis,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photo Luka TKI Sumiati As a result of torture Arab Employer

The following photos - photos from TKI Sumiati wound in Arabic:

Family TKI Sumiati Arab Departure

 foto siksaan sumiati , Keluarga TKI Sumiati Berangkat ke Arab , foto luka sumiati ,  arab Thursday, November 18, 2010 TKI Sumiati Departing Medina - Family Kemenlu Indonesia has dispatched workers Sumiati to Medina on Thursday this. Departure Uncle Sumiati "Julkarnaen" into Arabic aims to meet the niece who underwent treatment at the hospital Alfahd Saudi Arabia due to severe injuries all over his body marks of torture in the Arab employer.

Currently Julkarnaen can only hope for a legal action against perpetrators of abuse against migrant workers and acceleration Sumiati Sumiati rights as legal workers and the acceleration of physical health. Julkarnean really hope that his request was ditindaklanjutin by Arab governments.

Here are firmly of the Arab governments to, "their Right as workers, because this is a work accident and of contract by the company (agency), is 2 years, then according to their rights, their salaries must be paid for 2 years as well. He was a month 800 real. all insurance also must be maintained ", he insisted Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

Monday, November 15, 2010

CPNS Sumut 2010 – CPNS Sumatra Utara 2010

CPNS Sumut 2010 , Pendaftaran CPNS Sumut 2010 , Lowongan CPNS Sumut 2010Lowongan CPNS North Sumatra and Registration 2010 - North Sumatra CPNS 2010 will be held on 20 November to 4 December 2010, where Jobs Candidate Registration for Civil Servants (CPNS) in North Sumatra in 2010 will be held by the Province of North Sumatra (Pemprovsu). Lowongan CPNS was announced in the pages of Post Office, Jalan Veteran Serang City on Friday, November 12, 2010 and will be held Exams Sumut CPNS 2010 December 15, 2010.

Here clearly the Chairman of the Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) in North Sumatra Province, after meeting Civil Service Suherman Pemprovsu and Regency / City Administration as North Sumatra, "The announcement was held on December 22". announcement of details of the formation determined by the respective heads of the district / city. Gubsu has issued a circular letter to district in North Sumatra No. 800/18405/BKD/II/2010 on Implementation Acceptance CPNS 2010, obviously the head of (Head), Procurement and Construction of North Sumatra BKD, Pandapotan Siregar.

In accordance with the agreement of BKD North Sumatra, CPNS sumut 2010 will be held jointly on 31 BKD districts / cities in North Sumatra in Medan Hotel Madani.

Foto Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills

Foto Bugil Miss World 2010, skandal foto bugil Miss World 2010 , Foto bugil Alexandria Mills , foto telanjang Miss World 2010 Hot Photos Miss World 2010 - Circulating hot photos Alexandria Mills when with her boyfriend and is currently circulating on the internet, where the estimated hot photo scandal Miss World 2010 was done at the age of 18 years. And when it Alexandria Mills is dating, hot photos of Miss World 2010 and then sent to his girlfriend. But the big question, why are these photos circulating on the Internet and are releasing it spends? true whether it is the exciting image of Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills?

Location of hot photos of Miss World 2010 this was in the bathroom with her elegance without ditutupin pose a benangpun. News scandal photo hot girl in it was 18 th watu from Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. is very, very horrendous cyberspace. However, hot photo-old girl is now a new 18th investigated were correct.

Where various mediapun had dared to say that the authenticity of Alexandria hot photo picture in the bathroom has been tested for authenticity. But the truth is still doubted the police investigation team and perform further checks

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lowongan CPNS Bandung and Registration 2010

CPNS Bandung 2010 - lowongan CPNS Bandung is now beginning to be opened by the City Government of Bandung. CPNS Bandung City Government inform this 2010, will be provided 207 quotas, where the position of technical personnel 84 people, health workers as much as 57 people and teacher positions are available only 66 quotas that will be divided into elementary school teachers, junior high school, and vocational.

Friday, November 12, 2010, said Evie S Saleha reporters when met at City Hall Bandung, Jalan Wastukencana, "As for health workers who needed surgical specialists, midwives, dentists, assistant pharmacists, and technicians blood transfusion". And some positions CPNS Bandung will be occupied the position of technical manpower is needed is legal analysts, extension workers and evacuation programs, institutions publicist, translator, and arranger of financial statements. For those interested are asked to collect her application file no later than November 19th.

To prerequisite CPNS Bandung 2010 is as follows:
1. D3 or S1 graduate
2. at least 18 years and maximum 35 years
3. copies of diplomas that have been legalized
4. three pieces of 4x6 photograph
5. white envelope size 11 x 24 cm
6. two yellow cards
7. card participants will be from 15 until 26 November

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lowongan - Pendaftaran CPNS Jabar 2010 – CPNS Bogor November 2010

daftar CPNS Bogor 2010 , CPNS Bogor 2010 , CPNS Jabar 2010CPNS Bogor November 2010 – 12 November until 19 November 2010 back again to open acceptance City Government CPNS (candidate for Civil Servants), which will be held trainings City Government. CPNS Test Bogor West Java in 2010 will be held on December 5, 2010 and for the results of tests will be conducted on December 14, 2010. Slight Leakage Test CPNS Bogor 2010, for the material The material is basic competency test covering general knowledge, scholastic aptitude, and the maturity scale.

Terms CPNS Bogor - West Java 2010 is the applicants must be aged CPNS least 19 years samapai 35 years, minimum education and education is not determined D3/S1 majors taken (all departments). The most very, very necessary "for CPNS Bogor is a shortage of educators such as primary school teachers. Below said the Head of Civil Service, Education, and Training Government of Bogor City, Fetty Qondarsyah, "" We are short because a lot of elementary school teachers who retired. "

Requirements for applicants CPNS Jabar 2010 is:
1. CPNS letter of application to be addressed to the head region in the formation of the submission.
2. copies of transcripts and their final diploma
3. handed a yellow card
4. passport photo
5. photocopy of identity card

For the announcement of acceptance and formation needed for the city of Bogor officially be installed in the local media, namely newspapers, radio. Nor can we see the official government site Bogor City: on November 12, 2010.

Lowongan CPNS Lampung and Registration 12 November 2010

CPNS Lampung 2010 –Registration has opened CPNS Lampung starting this Friday November 12, 2010. Where information CPNS Pesawaran Bandar Lampung District, the total overall needs in the District Pesawaran CPNS around 1900 personnel, the central government approved the receipt of 319 civil servants for 2010. Here are words from Sekdakab Pesawaran, Kesuma Dewangsa, in Pesawaran on Wednesday yesterday, "Mechanism of acceptance is also still the same as previous years, registration will be tentatively based on the last postmark as of 12 November to 19 November 2010, but we'll see later, "he explained.

Little information only, for the problems that will diujiankan usually use the national standard that is the basic competence test (TKD), which consists of three items. First, he went on, about the scale of maturity, both about scholastic aptitude, while the third is a matter of common knowledge. Decisive Sekdakab Pesawaran, Kesuma Dewangsa, "Because relatively the same as last year, about who should do the participants about 100 questions, with time the process reaches 120 minutes"

based on the principle of consent of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Number: 164.F/M.PAN-RB/07/2010 July 21, 2010. And for the allocation of Regional CPNS Year 2010 from general applicants for District 219 Pesawaran erdiri formation from 55 technical personnel formation, 66 formations and 98 health personnel teacher formation. And for further information please CPNS official or the information below

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lowongan CPNS South Sumatra and Registration November 2010

Information Lowongan CPNS South Sumatra in November 2010 - CPNS is indeed highly awaited South Sumatra South Sumatra public this November. CPNS Sumsel November of 2010 the regional government of South Sumatra (South Sumatra) will open as many as 11,419 positions lowongan CPNS. This is the highest position and the greatest of all receipts CPNS South Sumatra covers 15 local government level II, which consists of 11 districts (district government) and 4 municipalities (local administration). For the formation CPNS Sumsel November 2010 there are three formations that opened the health personnel, technical personnel, and teachers (educators).

For information CPNS Sumsel November 2010 set a 3427 people, which for 157 people of South Sumatra Province, OKU 239 people, 242 people Lubuklinggau, Prabumulih 246 people, 213 people Banyuasin, OKUS 208 people, 204 Lahat, Muba 246 people, 243 people Ogan Ilir, OKUT 213 people, 241 people Pagar Alam, Four Lawang 266 people, 257 people Mura, Muara Enim OIC 240 and 212 were

To complete Registration Info Lowongan CPNS Sumsel we can see through the official website of the regional government of South Sumatra in or please see below.

Program Membuat Anak – Tips Cepat Punya Anak

Susah punya anak ? do not give up, first trytips membuat anak from here and while praying MUST be descendants .... This is my little way of sharing orprogram membuat anak for married couples sulit mendapatkan anak. Here Cara Program Membuat Anak:
1. First make sure you and your spouse in a state of good health and not under pressure or stress.
2. Better intercourse performed 7 days after menses, so that the wife entered the fertile period. Woman's fertile period is 7 days after menses until 7hari before menses.
3. Do not do Relations agencies too often, so the condition cairansperma in a state of strong and thick. 2 days should be performed once at night so cairansperma can properly fertilized.
4. At the time of the act of intercourse woman suggested below and ass propped up with pillows and blankets folded so cairansperma not come out again and immediately fertilized with the egg.
5. Do not do a lot of activity for several minutes after the act of intercourse or relations Sek.Perlu supported with vitamins to strengthen the egg cell and the fertility of girls
6. If you suppose that is still not pregnant women are advised to check the content of medicine, there are fears the disease or problem in selsperma or selovum.

Okay good luck, hopefully quickly find the descendants or children who lucu.thx

Plan a Boy - men or women...

 tips membuat anak laki , membuat anak perempuan , membuat anak cowok , membuat anak cewek Cara mendapatkan anak Cowok ataupun Cewek - How to get a guy or a girl child - For couples couples usually want to plan to get a boy or a girl. Many couples today couples who wish to plan to make child Male or Female. Well, here's some tips - tips for planning a pregnancy or plans to make child-sex male or female:

The first thing to do at the time of intercourse are the two sides seedlings should be healthy both male sperm and ovum of the woman. sperm from males are carriers of two kinds of sperm are sperm (Y) and sperm (X), where sperm (X) when meeting with the egg and conception occurs it will result in the child WOMEN. And conversely, sperm (Y) when meeting with the egg and conception occurs it will result in the child Laki.

Due to Sperm (X) is its shape when viewed under the microscope a little more than sperm (Y), more able to survive in mrs.V and in an atmosphere of acid (acid resistant). With this understanding, then we need to set is to determine the ambience mrs.V before we act of intercourse. Because the level of acidity mrs.V indeed greatly affect egg fertilization.

Planning For Girls we need to do is:
1. Fifteen to twenty minutes before intercourse, mrs.V rinse with a mixture of one tablespoon of vinegar kitchen (15 cc) with 200 cc of clean water.
2. It is recommended that husband and wife eat lots of vegetables to eat meat that can provide a natural acid in the atmosphere mrs.V.
3. performed intercourse on fertile period, is recommended from day 2 on your fertile period.

For Planning Boy - men we need to do is:
1. Intercourse done in the fertile period should start on day 2 of the fertile period.
2. It is recommended that a husband who is a high protein meal, like meat and wife are encouraged to eat a neutral or slightly acidic like his vegetables etc..
3. Fifteen to twenty minutes before intercourse mrs.V rinse with a mixture 1sendok (15 cc) Soda Cake with 200 cc of clean water.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Earthquake Ternate - Wednesday, November 10 10 November 2010 20Gempa Ternate 5.1 on the Richter Scale / SK

Earthquake Ternate - Wednesday, November 10, 2010 today at around 10:09 CEST measuring 5.1 on the Richter Scale. Estimated epicenter about 134 kilometers west of Ternate power precisely at 0:55 North latitude, 126.18 east longitude at a depth of 10 kilometers. Info for loss of life yet we get, try it later if there is info I have to re casualties.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology and Climatology Geophysics or BMKG, the earthquake could still be regarded as a trigger tsunamis.

Video Pidata Obama Di Universitas Indonesia / UI

 video pidato obama di indonesia , pidata barrack obama di UI, pidato Obama Di Universitas Indonesia10 November 2010 - Video Clips Barack Obama's speech in Indonesia when Obama's Public Lecture at UI (Universitas Indonesia). President of the United States (USA) Barack Obama during a visit in Indonesia, took his time to her Speech or Public Lecture at the University of Indonesia in this afternoon. Video Barack Obama at the UI in the opening speech, he used Indonesian in the opening speech at the University of Indonesia on 10 November 2010.
"Good Morning .., he then continued with the opening greeting Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera."

Here's a video footage and photos Barack Obama's speech and Obama during her speech:


Obama: Go home Kampung Nih

When giving a public lecture on the campus of the University of Indonesia, President of the United States Barack Obama is getting tremendous response from participants of courses. Obama also had said the word "good morning" that greeted loud applause and cries of the audience.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

18 Data Mountain with the status of alert in November 2010

Here is the data from 18 Mt to be said in the alert status in November 2010 was:

1. Mount Kerinci (Jambi)
2. Volcano (Garut, West Java)
3. Mount Slamet (Java)
4. Mount Talang (Solok, West Sumatra)
5. Mount Kaba (Bengkulu)
6. Mount Anak Krakatau (Lampung)
7. Mount Seulawah (Aceh)
8. Sinabung (Karo, North Sumatra)>
9. Sangeang Gunung Api (Bima, NTB)
10. Mount Rokatenda (Flores, East Nusa Tenggara)
11. Mount Bromo (East Java)
12. Mount Egon (Sikka, NTT)
13. Mount Soputan (South Minahasa, North Sulawesi)
14. Mount Batur (Bali)
15. Mount Gamalama (Ternate, North Maluku)
16. Mount Dukono (North Halmahera, North Maluku)
17. Mount Rinjani (Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara) Mount Lokon (Tomohon, North Sulawesi)
18. Mount Semeru (Lumajang, East Java)

Foto Gempa Sukabumi 5,7 SR – Yogyakarta 5,6 SR – Mentawai 5,6 SR Tgl 9 November 2010

Foto , Gempa Sukabumi , Gempa Mentawai , Gempa Yogyakarta , 5 SR , 9 November 2010Foto Gempa Sukabumi , Foto Gempa Mentawai , Foto Gempa Yogyakarta , 5,6 SR , November 2010It's really horrible 3 regions (SR 5.7 Earthquake Sukabumi, Yogyakarta earthquake magnitude 5.6, Mentawai Earthquake magnitude 5.6) earthquake digocang on the same date 9 November 2010 with an average of 5 on the Richter scale.

First - the first quake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale Sukabumi, West Java at 19:38 pm last. Earthquake Center in sukabumi at 139 kilometers southeast of Sukabumi. at a depth of 14 kilometers which is also perceived to Bandung, Tasikmalaya and Jakarta

And the second quake was at 14:03 GMT, Yogyakarta earthquake quake also occurred with the same power with the Mentawai 5.6 SR, the location of the quake centered 125 kilometers southwest of Bantul, Yogyakarta. However, according to expert estimates the quake, the quake was not caused by the earthquake of trim but from the plates of the earth under the sea.

Third Mentawai quake at 16:50 pm earlier, an earthquake with a magnitude equal Bantul Yogyakarta earthquake was 5.6 magnitude occurred in Mentawai, West Sumatra. The location of the earthquake is estimated to be on the ground at a depth of 18 kilometers, about 65 miles southeast of Siberut, Mentawai.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Apologizes razor, razor blade Although Reproduction Equipment Online

 silet dilarang , silet ditutup , silet Impressions of a razor blade on Sunday, November 7, 2010 edition that discusses prophecy and chain messages that can not be accounted for truth about the prediction of Merapi, a razor blade on RCTI banned temporarily. In the event that the Editors 'razor blade' has apologized for infotainment on RCTI broadcast on 7 November 2010.

Monday, November 8, 2010, said Chairman of the IEC, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, Jakarta when interviewed by reporters, "If perrmintaan sorry that we appreciate, that it became our consideration, yes. But that's not enough. " With an apology from the editorial team had a razor blade, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) have not quite judge it. IBC insists program asking for 'razor' is suspended.

Dada emphasized by Rahmat Hidayat as Chairman of the IEC, "Error in size as it presents information that is not true and there is the psychological impact that I think it can not be measured". And he said Dadang reveals, 'razor blade' has made the mistake of presenting false information to the public and also give a psychological impact on victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi, giving rise to unrest. So all of that as a lesson to infotainment to tidah can only make the gossip that can not be accounted for righteousness.

Blog Marissa Haque - Isi Churhat Marissa Haque

Blog Marissa Haque , Churhat Marissa Haque , isi Blog Marissa, HaqueMarissa Haque Churhat new today is crowded among twitter, where churhatan Marissa Haque was found on the blog that contains Marissa Haque Fawzi Ikang with envy at the beautiful woman at one of our new music now tilled Ikang Fawzi. Though currently being run for local elections Marissa Haque South Tangerang city. Here is Marissa Haque churhat Content on the Blog Marissa Haque:

- Is it true that blog Mbak Icha? Because now it is being much talked about blogs?

-Marissa: That's my writing dated 19 August 2010. Airin (Airin Rachmi Diany) Tangsel which time elections would pass it on. Two men (one Airin) Ocil and Amaruzzaman name. Check deh, their position in Tangerang city. New Kok scene in November mas?

-The blog was re-discussed and spread, but it bener mbak Icha curhatan writing? Are there people who intentionally want to drop mbak Icha?

-Marissa: If ya let it spread, ask the same Airin cs, why do they've nyebarin now? Kok 4 months and then spread?

-In the blog that talk about jealousy mbak Icha of Memes and Vina Panduwinata, responses mbak?

- Marissa: That jealousy is? I am angry with them (Vinay and Memes). What I see in the picture I expected them to attact my husband with breasts 2 / 3 or 3 / 4 naked at their disposal. Vina even put her breasts on my husband's chest. That's my writing on August 19, 2010 at If Mas want to copy-paste my writings in monggo, but do not be beheaded, have to complete it? Let not dimultitafsirkan. Dangers lie about it.

-But if the problem was over mbak? Then mas Ikang response on this matter how?

- Marissa: Yes he was wrong and vowed never to repeat it. I appreciate my husband's attitude Ikang Fawzi, and he knew I was being assertive because I love him and want our families 'One Wife One Husband Until Death'. I used to talk openly and Ikang and it is my brother, and if God willing, our marriage lasted until death, then the method we maintain a marriage can be a learning for young families other artist in answering the challenges of the times. Insha Allah.

Mbak-Sorry, I heard rumors he said Mbak Icha cast for divorce to the religious court, was not mbak?

-Marissa: Ha!!?? (Shocked). Hehe, Si Atut and Airin just envious. That toy he sajaaaa ....

Currently gossip blog that contains Churhat Marissa Marissa Haque Haque is still questionable validity and is still in the process of investigating whether the person who spread it and what mode of Blog Marissa Haque.

Obama ke Indonesia 9 - 10 November 2010

Obama ke Indonesia , Kunjungan Obama ke Indonesia , 9 November , 10 november, 2010Barack Obama (President of the United States / USA) is planning to visit Indonesia on 9 November to 10 November 2010 with scheduled visits to the agenda reasons Indonesi where his visit to Indonesia several times canceled due to a sudden obstacle or task. So says the Special Staff said President of the International Relations Teuku Faizasyah in its written statement received by AFP in Hanoi, "This visit is part of President Obama's visit to Asia and done after a visit to India and before the visit to South Korea and Japan", he explained when interviewed on this Saturday.

Barack Obama's plan coming to Indonesia were intended merely to expand and strengthen bilateral relations. And Obama plans to Indonesia has delivered him openly in front of the UN General Assembly in New York September 2010. "President Obama also plans to give a speech to the Indonesian public, which will be submitted Indonesia-United States partnership, democracy, development, pluralism and tolerance as well as outreach to the Muslim countries," said U.S. President Barrack Obama Obama.Berikut agenda to Indonesia:

* On November 9, 2010, Agenda of President Obama will start with a welcome ceremony at Merdeka Palace, which will be followed by bilateral meetings between the Government of Indonesia with the U.S. Government.

* On November 10, 2010, President Obama will do the laying of a wreath at the Heroes Cemetery Kalibata. Furthermore, President Obama plans to visit the Istiqlal Mosque.

At the bilateral meeting is used as a momentum to exchange ideas on various issues of bilateral, regional and global. The bilateral meeting where it will be greeted by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who will host U.S. President Barrack Obama, aka Mr. President and delegates in a state dinner.

Video - Foto Jupe VS Dewi Persik Saling Cakar Pada Film Arwah Goyang Karawang

Arwah Goyang Karawang , Jupe dan Dewi Persik saling cakar , Julia Perez VS Dewi Persik Video - foto Dewi Persik dan Jupe saling mencakar in movie scene Arwah Goyang Karawang. Muka dewipersikpun big targetJulia Perez alias Jupe. Dengan bukti bekas cakaran Jupe,Goddess peaches directly reported Jupe Julia Perez alias to the police with cakarannya action. His name is also their Dewi Persik and Julia Perez was indeed like cats and dogs who hate each other together in a scene koqfilm Arwah Goyang Karawang yes must fight dech. like cewek ABG Just a new movie being filmed

Foto Bekas cakar jupe / Julia Perez It made an impression onmuka dewi persik , There were scratches exactly right dipipi Dewi Persik. "I could have replied to, but because I have video evidence of the incident, where if I shoot, I always documented. And I began to organize and control my emotions, "said Dewi peaches when interviewed after the incident wahtu claws scratching on film shooting‘Arwah Goyang Karawang’ Sunday (6/11/2010) early days.

for video Jupe VS Dewi Persik Saling Cakar On FilmArwah Goyang Karawang still not spread on the Internet, still looking for the truth videos and photos scars cakaran Julia Peres alias Jupe

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Contoh Pidato - Format Pidato

Contoh Pidato – to make a good speech, we should know the format of the example speeches - sample speeches existing ones. And once we understand the preparation of the format of the speech, should we decide or choose the title proper speech for delivery of a speech.

Speech format or composition of speech should not be too complicated, short and right on target according to the election speech title, following a speech I gave an example - existing speech format, please be learned:


Gentlemen! The Honorable Lecturer Pen Dar stai Drs. Habibullah. What I respect the student / student Pen Dar stai. How happy I am as served as mother to the State of Indonesia, on this day! Today, we celebrate National Education Day, which took place in the field Bogor Palace on 2 May 2007. With commemorate National Education may we more spirit / risen to promote and educate the nation's children's education to be useful for the nation, state and school age children Agama.Pertambahan fast and accretion graduates each education level are great, but not followed by the addition of infrastructure and facilities prompt and adequate education, pose a problem for the government to provide "education and teaching" on all citizens as mandated by the Basic Law.

This issue is crucial because beragamanya geographically vast and scattered archipelago with the level of socio-economic development of culturally different. When implementing it for the first time REPELITA with an emphasis on economic development which is seen as the foundation for other aspects of national development. In education reform focused attention on remediation efforts and improving the quality and arrangement of the opportunity to get education. Regarding the latter is difficult to achieve if only through the ways of utilizing technology konvesial communication and technology, information, radio and television. In 2007 the government has set a national budget for education by 20% for elementary, junior and senior high school. Programs and activities that are not made solely on the basis of the number of school buildings, teachers, books and others. Didentifikasikan alternative that is:

1. The addition of capacity SLP carried out both by the addition of new schools
2. Improved capacity of private schools
3. Development of an open school with media correspondence, modules, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, etc.
4. The opening of the courses of practical skills outside of school as a distribution point kemasyarkat ..

Ki Hajar Dewantara (1889-1959) a prominent Indonesian education is the establishment of educational institutions memprokarsai Park students. He is more famous for its philosophy of "tut wuri handayani, until mid Mangun intention, until Ngarso sung tulada. Dewantara classify pandidikan goal with the term "tri-nga" (three "nga-nga is the last letter in the alphabet Java ajisak). "Nga" The first is to understand "(comprehend / intellectual aspects). "Nga second" is "ngrasa" is (feel aspects of affection), and "nga" The third is "nglakonin" (teaching or psychomotor aspects). Formulate educational goals that include aspects of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. According Dewantara, is the right of every people to organize themselves, and therefore teaching should educate children to become independent of human mind, thought and energy. Teaching should not be too put thoughts of intelligence because it can separate the people tepelajar with rakyat.Akhir until here, may further increase the Indonesian people and educating children and creating a productive learner, creative, innovative and useful to the nation and the State, Creating human resources qualified and independent that can meet global needs.

EXAMPLES OF SPEECH MESSAGE school graduation farewell

Dear Mr. Principal, Mr. and Mrs. Teacher, and friends that I love.

First of all let us pray toward praise gratitude to God Almighty for His grace over all on this day we can gather together to hold a farewell ceremony school.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to represent my friends to convey a few words in the context of this separation.

During school, we as students are very proud and grateful to all teachers who have taught at this school, which is very good, never favoritism in educating, very patient and tireless in guiding us. Thanks to the efforts of all teachers, we were able to graduate from junior high.

I hope all the teachers in charge of teaching at this school can be given good health and happiness always given.

Also for teman2 all. Really it's hard to part with you all, because we've bersama2 for 3 years. But still I also pray teman2 all can move on to higher education, both to high school, to CMS, the STM and other educational institutions to be able to achieve so far diangan2kan cita2.

Finally, I would say success is always made teman2, my prayer accompanies teman2 all ...


Assalamualaikum wr wb, father / mother and their teacher colleagues who I respect, first of all let us pray toward praise and thanksgiving to the god the mighty one who has given grace and hidayahnya to all of us so that we can gather in this place, I say many thanks for the opportunity given to me to deliver a speech entitled "The Effect of Internet on Teenagers."

Before I began my speech I would like to limit the problems will I have to say in a speech today, which among others, the influence of internet on teenagers in terms of positive and negative terms.

Internet, a word that is familiar in the ears of every person, especially the teenagers who always hang out with the tech world luxury, luxurious, and practical, the Internet can be found wherever we are, to capitalize the mobile phone that has an Internet connection, the Internet can be accessed with ease through HP wherever we are, or if not, in every corner of the city must have a Shop that sells Internet services or commonly called a "cafe", Information World Without Borders, that's how people call it, I am not so sure but what is virtually such circumstances, with the Internet, or access road to the delivery of information-information that exist in this world can be retrieved easily while turning the hand or eye blink.

A lot of science that is so abundant there, the information about anything can be found on this internet universe, then what to do with students? Of course very closely related to the student because the student did not escape with the name and information science, the internet is the most effective media and easy to come by and accessible by anyone anywhere, although can not be denied that because of this freedom may occur also abuse use of internet facilities as a means to Crime or immoral, students who are new to the Internet typically use this facility to find it strange? As the pictures are not obscene, or funny videos that are "immoral" to influence the soul and personality of the students themselves, so that affected students and disrupt the concentration of the learning process in school.

However, not all students do so, only a handful of students who are just nosy that can do it because it lacked a sense of responsibility towards self and surroundings, but in general the Internet is used by each student to seek or obtain information relating to their subject matter she received in school, it allows students to become more creative and more active in looking for sources of information and science compared with students who just sit quietly in front of the desk and listen to the teacher talk.

This can be a motivator to the students to continue to grow and also can function as a destroyer (youth), youth are creatures that are vulnerable to changes around him, he will follow the most dominant thing that are close by so the possibility of a drastic change in periods adolescence will lead to where the teenager will run, positive or negative direction depending on where in the start.

Teens who daily interact with the Internet will be more responsive to changes in the surrounding information because he was accustomed to and more aware of this information and more often than others. But in addition, adolescents who have a negative tendency in the opposite case, he will seem passive because only enslaved by the ease and wealth of information from the internet.

Therefore it would be nice if we can wisely use this facility with the best in terms of positive progress for the sake of ourselves and our personal, and as teenagers we all need to master the technology that is being raced in this era, because then we will be joined in the rush to meet the future.

I say thank you for your attention, Akhirul said, wassalamualaikum wr wb.


Good afternoon,

Dear Principal SMP Santa Ursula BSD, Victoria Istiningsih.

The Honorable Vice Principal SMP Santa Ursula BSD Eusthasia Suwarti.

Dear teachers SMP Santa Ursula BSD.

And all junior high students a happy Santa Ursula BSD.


Thank God I say Praise the Lord Almighty for all His blessings, I am also grateful to the teachers who have organized this event. Do not forget to thank my friends who have supported this event.

At this opportunity, I would like to invite us all to recall, some patterns of life that we do from the causes of globalization. Whether globalization is very influential in our lives? I hope that on this occasion, we all know, how big the impact of globalization in our lives. I also hope we all can deal with the impact of globalization.

In this 21st century, globalization became the norm for us. Globalization, meaning the global process. Of course, all aspects of life to feel its influence. For example, in the field of transportation. Every day we can see the whole road was packed by various types of motor vehicles. For example cars. In fact, before the car was found, most people will walk away for a journey, even a very long though. In addition to the field of transport, aspects of life are affected by the globalization of telecommunications. At present mobile phone is a communication tool that has been owned by everyone. In addition to cell phones, which is not less important is the internet. Globalization requires us to have a computer equipped with Internet network.

In the culinary field, the impact of globalization is also quite large. Western cuisine became very popular all over the world. For example Pizza Hut, KFC, CFC, Hoka Hoka Bento, and so forth. This causes the typical food in the country becomes less attractive. No less important, aspects of life are also feeling the impact of globalization is the fashion. Today is a worldwide trend that is from western countries. If the Indonesian people prefer a trend overseas, who will preserve the culture of Indonesia?

Sports fields are also feeling the impact of globalization. Today the whole world is very interested in football, basketball, badminton, and so forth. Not just sports activities, support tools, too, felt the impact of globalization. Examples of shoes. Shoes become a very important tool supporters. Model and form of shoes had to be adapted to exercise.

From some aspects that I mentioned earlier, it is clear that globalization is very influential on all aspects of life. Each person is to feel the effects. As good citizens, we have to cope with the impact of globalization. We should be able to take positive values and discard negative values. For example, by selecting a foreign culture into our country. We should be able to choose a good culture, which does not conflict with existing norms in our country. Because the culture within the city, is the hallmark of our own country, we must guard. In order not to lose information, we have to follow the development of information and technology.

So there are many ways that we can do to deal with the impact of globalization. We may feel the impact, but we must take a positive impact, and remove its negative impacts.

Hopefully what I have said earlier is useful for all of us that are here. I hope that with the globalization of this all people can take positive values. Thank you for the attention of teachers, friends, and their school principals and vice principals SMP Santa Ursula BSD. And so, good afternoon.


Assalamualaikum wr wb, father / mother and their teacher colleagues who I respect, first of all let us pray toward praise and thanksgiving to the god the mighty one who has given grace and hidayahnya to all of us so that we can gather in this place, I say many thanks for the opportunity given to me to deliver a speech entitled "The Influence of Television on Students". Before I began my speech I would like to limit the problems will I have to say in a speech today, which include; influence television in terms of positive and negative.

When we see the general effect of television on student tanpak indeed very useful and meaningful as the medium of television is a means to deliver information on the most effective and efficient, in terms of effective and efficient delivery of information in terms of price to obtain that information. With television media insights and knowledge a student can develop rapidly in line with the development of existing technology. Many positive things can be taken from the television media is that among such, information on the latest news, general science, entertainment / entertainment, and so forth.

A student should always know the latest information that occurred worldwide in order to add insight and knowledge from the students themselves, who can he use to develop themselves in the future, because with human information can be better than before, while for the field of entertainment / amusement , this course serves to reduce the sense of fatigue or boredom on each student in the teenage years or in periods of learning, why is that? Because every student who is developing will experience a thing as "bored" and this needs to be prevented by the activities that are entertaining / reflection which can make it always "Fresh" and positive thinking, making it always active and creative.

Apart from the insight and knowledge that can be obtained by students of television, the intimacy between the families will be created so as to make students feel comfortable being among his family, because family is also one of the main factors determining the success of a student myself, besides it also can educate parents their children more easily through the medium of television and the parents may more easily provide guidance to the child so the child will not feel burdened to understand what is wanted by his parents. These is one we can feel / see a positive impact in terms of television on students, but other than that a lot of negative things that can happen if the students have been affected by television, among them are lazy, imitate the things that are not good / negatives such as how to socialize, talk, look, and personality.

Lazy is the most often occurs when a student has been affected by the fun of watching television, so forget about learning, and this is very detrimental to the students themselves because with being lazy he will not get anything and what ideals he seek in his life, therefore it is wonderful for parents to limit television viewing time and filter the display to suit the needs of the child, other than lazy television a bad influence on children's behavior that is modeled on things that should not be in the example, suppose children aged under five years of watching television shows for adults, of course this is very "dangerous" because children can be adults before adulthood, referring to acts committed by adults should not be emulated by young children, such as violence, life-style look, hang out, and force- speaking style that does not comply with the rules of good language, and so forth. It also requires the control of a parent to show that such an adult nature. If this is already happening so negativ then we can see the personality of the students themselves will change and "Possible" detrimental to all parties, including himself.

The conclusion is that, every thing that exists in this world must have rules and a different view namely, good and bad, as well as with television media, which should be used for good things but still have an impact that is not good for some people and / or function. Thus the role of parents to educate children (students) are very important as well as awareness of the students themselves should be high and are responsible for what he wanted to do with guidance from teachers and the positive activities he did while he was the school environment.

I say thank you for your attention, Akhirul said, wassalamualaikum wr wb.


Foto dan Video Banjir Lahar Dingin Kali Code

Berita Merapi Terkini - Cold lava flood time code start time code. Cold lava flood times the code is causing unrest near the time code. The government has suggested for coastal residents to evacuate because the code once feared cold lava flood will occur multiplied by the code.
Here are the photos and videos cold lava flood times the code:

Images cold lava flood times code:

Video banjir lahar dingin kali code:

Berita Merapi Hari ini – Awan Panas – Hujan Abu

Trim conditions today are still very vulnerable and have the potential to erupt again more besaar, 6 November 2010 news trim still causing hot clouds and lava, accompanied by the vomit with a rain of ash that is increasingly thickened. November 6, this volcano erupted trim back about 10 o'clock this morning.

Flight schedule in a special area yogyakartapun now closed because of conditions that interfere with rain ash feared the flight would create sight distance flights will be disrupted and could make the engine damage due to thick dust or ash from Mount Merapi.

The danger of volcanic ash can interfere with breathing and also can rip the lung tissue. Si02/silika composition of volcanic ash, industrial materials like glass and is a very fine glass hard, but if viewed with a microscope the edge and a pointed tip. If inhaled will tear the lung tissue if exposed to the eyes can damage the retina of the eye.
To view the photos and videos eruption of Mount Merapi on this day we can get in: Videos and Photos Recent Merapi Eruption - Ash Rain - Photos Wedhus Gembel Merapi

Friday, November 5, 2010

Video dan Foto Letusan Merapi Terkini - Hujan Abu – Foto Wedhus Gembel Merapi

Merapi erupted latest till now has reached about 15 times the eruption of Merapi, and to scale eruption of Merapi is increasingly large-scale eruption to date the eruption reached a distance of 20km scale. and determined to secure refuge boundary between a radius of 20-25 km distance latest Merapi eruption and ash rain photo. Here is a collection of videos and photos Merapi eruption of the latest and recent photo wedus gembel trim:
gunung merapi meletus

letusan gunung merapi
 foto gunung merapi meletus
foto wedhus gembel
foto wedhus gemel
foto merapi terkini
foto letusan gunung merapi
hujan abu

Video Letusan Gunung Merapi Terkini:

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