Monday, May 2, 2011

Property Investment VS Gold Investments

Property increasingly popular with the investment house to invest in residential property sector, because housing prices increasingly expensive as the price of building materials are increasingly rising in line with the skyrocketing world oil prices rose. Just take a sample of paint prices have now shot up to 20% more, it's because the raw material is oil paints, while the soaring world oil prices.
propertyInvestors property now also look to other investments as well as the soaring costs of construction, namely that the rise of gold investment. Gold prices soared more siring with growing world oil prices soaring, the world gold price had soared up to $ 1,576 per ounce. Even according to the Global Resources Fund increases gold price target to U.S. $ 2,000 until the end of this year. Following said Brian Hicks, manager of the Global Resources Fund, "I think it's clear that we are in a bubble market,"

The gold investors are also increasing as oil prices dunia.bahkan now demand more and more gold bullion and gold demand in the futures. According to estimates by expert observers of the economy, predicted gold could reach $ 1600 per ounce price supports war with a country's currency which enyebabkan investors prefer to invest their funds in the form of paper gold and bullion gold. World oil prices is one reason terbesaar house and property prices rising gold price.

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